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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs: Mary Kym’s Holistic Approach to Business and Wealth Coaching

In an era where breaking glass ceilings is not only spoken about but actively pursued, the path to success for women in the business world comes with unique challenges. These hurdles can range from a lack of resources to systemic gender discrepancies. Enter Mary Kym, a business coach dedicated to empowering women through her holistic business-mindset-money coaching approach.

Mary Kym is a formidable ally for women transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship. As a business coach, she provides the necessary blueprints to take businesses to the next level while maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium. She believes not just in abundance but in living abundantly, crafting her guidance strategies to help her clients thrive both personally and professionally.

Kym’s rigorous training with Hello Seven, coupled with her two decades of expertise in management and leadership, lends invaluable depth to her coaching approach. Her extensive product leadership experience allows her to provide strategic and practical advice to her clients, ensuring they have the tools they need to build a profitable business under her tutelage.

Business coaching for women is not about underlining the differences between genders; it draws attention to the idea of leveraging unique strengths while simultaneously addressing the unique challenges women face in business. This recognition of innate strength in adversity is key to Mary Kym’s approach: her coaching strategy does more than equip women with essential business skills. It builds resilience, fosters confidence, and empowers them to break free from limiting beliefs and scarcity mindsets.

Mary Kym’s coaching style goes beyond traditional business coaching to encompass holistic techniques. She understands that a healthy business is a reflection of a healthy business owner, emphasizing the pivotal role self-care plays in professional success. Burnout, stress, and exhaustion have no place in Kym’s model, replaced instead by sustainable workflows, healthy boundaries, and maintaining physical and mental well-being. Her aim is to elevate the narrative of businesswomen, showing them that their productivity doesn’t have to come at the expense of their wellness. 

But her holistic approach isn’t limited to self-care; she also awakens her clients to the possibilities of financial abundance. In her experience, skewed historical narratives have often led women to harbor limiting beliefs about money, which can hinder financial success. Kym, however, shatters this preconception, instilling in her clients an abundance mindset – the belief that there are plenty of resources, wealth, and opportunities available if only we are attuned to seeing and seizing them.

Mary Kym is more than a coach; she is a trailblazer committed to changing the landscape of entrepreneurship for women. With her nurturing guidance and keen business acumen, she strives to transform successful careers into thriving businesses. As a testament to her approach, her clients not only achieve professional accomplishments but enjoy balance and fulfillment in their personal lives as well.

Whether through one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops, or online programs, Mary Kym ensures her clients not only understand but feel the impact of academic and practical coaching. As she puts it, “I am not here to tell you what is possible; I am here to show you what YOU are capable of.”

To embark on a journey of transformation, success, and abundance, visit her website at www.marykym.com or get inspired by her insights and advice on Instagram: @marykymofficial.

Ladies, are you ready to flourish with Mary Kym? Because the future of entrepreneurship most definitely wears heels.


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