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Scottish parliament vote Humza Yousaf

… Humza Yousaf has been chosen to take over as leader of the SNP and first minister of Scotland from Nicola Sturgeon. He was seen by many, including Ms. Sturgeon, as the SNP establishment’s favorite candidate. More MSPs and MPs supported the health secretary than any

Economist say Global Economy will Slump in the Next Decade

… According to economists, the globe will see a decade of moderate growth. However, Daniel Lacalle, the author and head economist of Tressis Gestion, predicts that the global financial system will undoubtedly suffer and experience an unparalleled recession in the next years. Experts claim that this


Layoffs and how it affects work output

Image Source: HR Exchange Network In the last year, there have been layoffs all over the world, especially in the last four months. People who thought they would always have the same job have lost them. For example, layoffs say that more than 150,000 people will

Managers think the supply chain will not recover until 2024

… Most logistics managers from large companies and trade groups think the supply chain will return to normal in 2024 or later. In a survey conducted by a media site, more than half of the managers, or 61% of them, say that the supply chain is

Black entrepreneurs must be given more government support

Many people view the United States as a nation of opportunity. The country receives a lot of domestic and international travelers due to the favorable market conditions for businesses. Simply said, owning a business is the fastest route to becoming a billionaire in the US. Nevertheless,

Opinion: Raskin says Trump needs to take accountability

… After months of interviews, meetings, and evidence gathering, the House Select Committee has closed its investigation by implicating former President Donald Trump on four felony offenses. Representative Jamie Raskin said that Trump must respond to these accusations. The panel’s indictments include conspiracy to defraud the