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Finance Internships for High Schoolers: Launching a Promising Career Early

It’s 2023, and the landscape of career development has evolved significantly. Today, students are increasingly seeking opportunities to gain real-world experience and explore their passions while still in high school. Indeed, according to the most recent survey performed by the University of Chicago Consultancy PRISM, 70% of students attending a US News top 50 university have already completed at least one internship during their high school years. This shift in thinking is motivated by the desire to gain a head start on their professional career and acquire significant skills and information before entering the competitive corporate world.

If you’re a parent of an ambitious teen yearning to pave their way in the finance industry, here are some top programs to keep an eye out for in 2023, as recommended by high school counselors. 

  1. StandOut Connect: Opening Doors to Remote Opportunities
    StandOut Connect is a groundbreaking remote program backed by The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Innovation. This innovative initiative aims to match high school students with paid internships in their specific areas of interest. By leveraging digital connectivity, StandOut Connect eliminates geographical barriers, providing students from all corners of the world with access to exceptional internship opportunities. Whether your teenager is passionate about investment banking, financial analysis, or financial technology, this program offers a multitude of possibilities to explore and gain valuable hands-on experience.

  2. Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program: Nurturing Finance Talents
    The Chicago Business Institute (CSBI) hosts a prestigious six-week paid internship program exclusively for high school students in the city. This highly sought-after program offers internships at prominent banks, law firms, accounting firms, and engineering companies located within the vibrant business districts of Chicago, such as the Loop. By immersing themselves in these dynamic work environments, students not only gain practical insights into various facets of the finance industry but also forge valuable connections that can lay the foundation for their future careers.

  3. Columbia Engineering Hk Maker Lab: Fusing Innovation with Finance
    For high school students intrigued by the intersection of finance and technology, the Columbia Engineering Hk Maker Lab is an exceptional opportunity to explore their interests. This intensive six-week summer program immerses participants in the foundations of design while addressing real-world health problems. By designing, prototyping, and testing biomedical devices, students not only cultivate their creative and problem-solving skills but also develop a keen understanding of the business aspects associated with their innovations. The program empowers young minds to think holistically and equips them with the tools to make a positive impact in the world.

  4. Barnard College Athena Summer Innovation Institute: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
    The Barnard College Athena Summer Innovation Institute stands out as a symbol of empowerment for young women in an era when diversity and inclusiveness are paramount. This intensive three-week boot camp provides participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to produce game-changing ideas that may make a real difference in society. This curriculum instills a strong entrepreneurial perspective in participants, from recognizing market trends to building a compelling company plan to acquiring leadership and communication skills. Barnard College is creating the next generation of female trailblazers in finance and beyond by inspiring young women to dream big and giving them the skills to make their dreams a reality. 
  5. 1435 Capital Management High School (Venture Analyst) Internship: Unlocking the World of Venture Capital
    For high school students eager to delve deeper into the realms of business, finance, and entrepreneurship, the 1435 Capital Management High School (Venture Analyst) Internship offers an invaluable opportunity. This specialized internship program is designed for high school sophomores and seniors who are interested in learning about the intricacies of venture capital. Interning at a famous venture capital firm. 

Madenova Aziza: A Beacon of Financial Expertise Pioneering High-Level Accounting Services in the U.S

In today’s highly competitive business environment, accurate and robust accounting practices set the bar for success and sustainable growth. This statement holds especially true in the United States, a land of diverse industries and economic opportunities. The U.S. economy, a vast sea of companies striving to thrive and expand, has found a reliable lighthouse in Madenova Aziza, a knowledgeable economist with a profound understanding of state legislation, currency control, and the licensing of financial institutions. 

Madenova’s journey to the U.S. began in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where she served as a leading specialist economist at the Republican state institution National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During her four years at the institution, Madenova fine-tuned her skills, understanding the nuances of state legislation, currency control, and licensing for financial institutions. Her work involved exercising control over the execution of documents, ensuring their alignment with deadlines, registering orders, instructions, and monitoring the compliance of banks and other organizations with currency laws. 

Her journey continued as she served as an economist for the “Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy” joint stock company. Her analytical skills, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills honed during her educational journey in finance from the College of International Service and Management and SCJ “Narhoz University,” proved instrumental in her successful stint there. 

Fast forward to the present day, Madenova is the force behind Madenova LLC, providing top-tier accounting services to U.S. companies. Located in Somerset, NJ, she is driven by a compelling vision of contributing to the sustainable growth of businesses, ultimately enhancing the wider U.S. economy. Her services provide her clients with an accurate picture of their financial health, enabling them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly. 

Her comprehensive approach allows companies to make strategic decisions regarding investments, expansion, and resource allocation. Moreover, the precision and timeliness of her accounting services assist businesses in evading legal and financial penalties, reducing fraud risk, and improving their reputation among stakeholders. It is this unwavering commitment to professional excellence that makes her services indispensable for companies aiming to flourish and expand. 

In conclusion, Madenova Aziza, with her profound knowledge and vast experience, is steadily revolutionizing the accounting landscape in the United States. Through Madenova LLC, she brings a wealth of expertise, paving the way for U.S. businesses to reach new heights of economic success and sustainability. Her journey serves as a testament to her skill and dedication, marking her as a leading light in the realm of high-level accounting services. 

Elevate Your Brand with Published Agency’s Expert PR Services

In today’s competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand presence and reaching your target audience can be a daunting task. That’s where Published Agency comes in. As a leading full-service public relations firm, Published is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes effectively communicate their message and gain the visibility they deserve. With a commitment to delivering outstanding results, Published Agency offers a range of services including media coverage, social media management, reputation management, and more. 

At Published, we understand that effective marketing and PR are essential components of any successful business strategy. Our team of professionals are committed to finding innovative ways to promote your brand and get you a win, no matter where you want to be. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash or an established business seeking to expand your reach, we have the expertise to elevate your brand to new heights.

What sets Published apart is our track record of delivering guaranteed results. Our extensive experience in public relations allows us to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. By leveraging our strong media relationships, we ensure that your story receives the coverage it deserves, reaching the masses and generating buzz around your brand. We are invested in your success, and our dedication shines through in the outcomes we achieve.

Published Agency offers a comprehensive suite of PR services tailored to meet your unique needs. From media coverage and press releases to social media management and influencer partnerships, our team employs a multi-faceted approach to maximize your brand’s exposure. We understand that each brand is different, and our customized strategies ensure that your message is effectively conveyed across various platforms and channels.

In today’s digital world, maintaining a positive reputation is crucial. Published Agency specializes in reputation management, helping businesses protect their brand image and navigate any potential pitfalls. Our team is skilled in managing crises, mitigating negative publicity, and building a positive online presence. By monitoring online conversations and engaging with your audience, we safeguard your brand’s reputation and foster trust among your customers.

Published Agency invites you to experience the power of strategic PR and marketing. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help your brand thrive and achieve the recognition it deserves. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand to new heights. Get published today!


Captain Van Lines is Pioneering New Standards in the Moving Industry

The moving industry is transforming, and at the forefront of this evolution is Captain Van Lines, a leading moving and storage company based in the United States. A dynamic player in the industry, the company is shifting paradigms by establishing new benchmarks for customer service, innovation, and overall excellence in the realm of moving services. 

Founded on the principles of quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Captain Van Lines is increasingly standing out in a crowded marketplace. Their comprehensive range of services caters to diverse moving needs, providing a one-stop solution for clients whether they’re transitioning across town or traversing the country. 

In terms of long-distance moving, Captain Van Lines raises the bar high. Their professional team doesn’t merely pack and transport your belongings; they ensure that each item is handled with the utmost care and precision, mitigating any stress often associated with long-haul moves. For corporate clientele, their commercial moving services demonstrate a level of expertise that can seamlessly manage any scale of commercial relocation, from compact offices to expansive corporate facilities. 

The moving industry is transforming, and at the forefront of this evolution is Captain Van Lines, a leading moving and storage company based in the United States. A dynamic player in the industry, the company is shifting paradigms by establishing new benchmarks for customer service, innovation, and overall excellence in the realm of moving services.  Founded on the principles of quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Captain Van Lines is increasingly standing out in a crowded marketplace. Their comprehensive range of services caters to diverse moving needs, providing a one-stop solution for clients whether they're transitioning across town or traversing the country.  In terms of long-distance moving, Captain Van Lines raises the bar high. Their professional team doesn't merely pack and transport your belongings; they ensure that each item is handled with the utmost care and precision, mitigating any stress often associated with long-haul moves. For corporate clientele, their commercial moving services demonstrate a level of expertise that can seamlessly manage any scale of commercial relocation, from compact offices to expansive corporate facilities.

Recognizing that each client has unique needs, Captain Van Lines offers a host of customized solutions. Their packing and unpacking services ensure a meticulous approach to safeguarding your belongings, while their storage facilities provide clients with secure, climate-controlled spaces equipped with top-tier security measures. 

At the core of Captain Van Lines’ business model is their robust commitment to exceptional customer service. They understand the complexities and emotional intricacies associated with moving, and are dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible. The company’s mission is clear: “We understand that our customers depend on us to provide exceptional service, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we prioritize reliability in all our operations, maintain unwavering integrity in all our dealings, and ensure we are always available to assist our clients whenever they need us.” 

Captain Van Lines’ values—honesty, integrity, and transparency—are more than just words. They are the pillars that guide the company’s operations, building a business ethos that inspires trust among clients. Their commitment to providing fair and competitive pricing without compromising on service quality is a testament to this ethos. Beyond business, Captain Van Lines takes an active role in giving back to the community, supporting local charities and organizations as part of their corporate social responsibility. 

The rise of Captain Van Lines in the moving industry is indicative of a changing landscape—one that values customer-centric approaches, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to quality service. For those facing the prospect of moving, the company stands as a reliable ally that doesn’t just transport belongings but helps transition lives with grace and ease. 

To learn more about how Captain Van Lines is disrupting the moving industry and facilitating stress-free relocations, visit their website at captainvl.com. In an industry often synonymous with stress and disorder, Captain Van Lines’ customer-focused approach is a breath of fresh air. By pioneering new standards in the industry, they’re proving that moving can be more than a necessary disruption—it can be a positive journey towards the next chapter of your life. 

Monae’s Wine Redefining Excellence with Passion and Inclusion

Monae’s Wine, an exceptional wine collection, is making waves in the industry with its unwavering commitment to excellence, authenticity, and inclusivity. Founded by Dr. Monique Simone Barr, a trailblazer in the world of winemaking, Monae’s Wine is revolutionizing the perception of premium wines. With a mission to create exquisite, handcrafted wines that embody the artistry of the craft, Monae’s Wine is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of passion and the celebration of diversity. 

At the heart of Monae’s Wine is a dedication to crafting premium wines that transcend expectations. Each bottle is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the family’s deep-rooted commitment to producing wines of the highest caliber. The result is an exceptional collection that tantalizes the taste buds and captivates wine enthusiasts around the world. 

Dr. Monique Simone Barr’s journey in winemaking has been a remarkable one. Overcoming challenges in a traditionally male-dominated and European-centric industry, she has emerged as a visionary force. As one of the few certified black female winemakers in the nation, she embodies the spirit of resilience and determination, setting an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Monae’s Wine goes beyond the pursuit of excellence; it seeks to empower and uplift underrepresented groups, particularly black females. Driven by the belief that representation matters, Monae’s Wine is dedicated to creating opportunities and fostering a more inclusive wine industry. By championing diversity, the brand opens doors for aspiring winemakers and cultivates a sense of community and inspiration. 

To experience the world of Monae’s Wine, visit their website at monaeswine.com. Connect with them on social media through their Instagram handle @monaes_wine and on Facebook at MonaesWine. Stay updated on their latest releases, events, and initiatives, and be part of a vibrant community that appreciates the fusion of passion, craftsmanship, and inclusivity. 

Monae’s Wine stands at the forefront of a new era in winemaking, where excellence meets inclusivity. Dr. Monique Simone Barr’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have shaped a brand that not only crafts remarkable wines but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment. Raise a glass to Monae’s Wine and embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of diversity, authenticity, and the pursuit of extraordinary flavors. 

Cybin Inc. is Shaping the Future of Mental Healthcare through Psychedelic Therapeutics

Reinforcing its formidable position in the dynamic field of psychedelic therapeutics, Cybin Inc., (NYSE American: CYBN) a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, recently expanded its capital access through a fresh share purchase commitment of CAD$41M. Since its foundation, Cybin has impressively mobilized nearly C$200M, underlining its unwavering determination to progress its unique clinical pipeline of psychedelic molecules. 

Cybin’s mission goes beyond the accumulation of financial resources. The company is devoted to pioneering new pathways in mental healthcare, providing innovative treatment options that meet the pressing needs of nearly 900 million people globally who grapple with mental health conditions. 

The biopharmaceutical company has established itself as a nexus of medical science and innovative therapeutic interventions, building a legacy around the development of safe and efficacious psychedelic-based therapeutics. This pursuit is supported by an international network of scientists and elite partners, striving together to advance proprietary drug discovery platforms, groundbreaking drug delivery systems, and pioneering formulation approaches. 

Cybin’s current drug development pipeline includes CYB003 and CYB004, proprietary molecules based on deuterated psilocybin and DMT, respectively. These potential therapies are targeted at major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, demonstrating Cybin’s resolve to confront complex mental health conditions that have often defied traditional treatment methods. 

From its inception in Canada in 2019, Cybin has expanded its global footprint across the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland, highlighting its commitment to make a difference in the mental healthcare space worldwide. 

Looking ahead, Cybin anticipates several catalysts that could add value to its development programs. The company eagerly anticipates the release of CYB004 Phase 1 topline data in Q3 2023, followed closely by CYB003 Phase 1/2a topline data expected later in the same quarter. 

Cybin’s commitment to the development of novel, second-generation psychedelics dovetails with an evolving public policy environment that has begun to embrace psychedelic therapies. By optimizing pharmacokinetic profiles, Cybin aims to create therapies with a shorter duration of action, potentially reducing side effects and enhancing patient experiences. 

Recognizing the value of cutting-edge technology, Cybin is exploring the use of Kernel’s Flow®, a neuroimaging tool, to generate quantitative data and deepen the understanding of psychedelic therapies’ mechanisms and effects. 

Patient support is integral to Cybin’s approach. In line with this, the company has implemented the EMBARK model to provide consistent psychological support throughout clinical trials, encompassing both therapist training and patient assistance. This holistic approach underscores Cybin’s recognition of the importance of psychological support alongside innovative therapeutic interventions. 

Cybin’s progress is marked by the completion of more than 250 pre-clinical studies, as it advances its lead programs toward FDA IND filings. With over 50 granted or pending patent applications filed across six patent families, Cybin’s growing influence and extensive contributions to mental healthcare are unmistakable. 

In its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing mental healthcare through safe, effective, and novel psychedelic-based therapies, Cybin is making strides that many believe are shaping the future of mental health treatment. As it continues to pioneer groundbreaking therapeutic approaches and extend its influence globally, Cybin exemplifies how relentless dedication and innovation can turn the tide in the battle against mental health conditions. 

Online and Offline Sources to Learn About Real Estate Investing

Houston, TX, 05/11/2023 – Real estate investing is a complex game, despite what the online gurus lead people to believe. When making large investments, or any sized investment for that matter, being educated is paramount in the quest for success. Ali Choudhri, CEO of Jetall Capital, and one of Houston’s largest private commercial real estate owners gives some insight into sources of information available to new or prospective real estate investors.

When embarking on any new venture, arming yourself with knowledge and surrounding yourself with options for advice and learning is key to your eventual success. There are several sources of knowledge and professional advisors, online and offline, from which you can seek guidance. Here are some easily available options to consider:

* Real Estate Investment Groups: Join local real estate investment groups or associations to connect with experienced investors. These groups often organize meetings, seminars, and workshops where you can network and gain insights from industry professionals who have more experience than yourself. Oftentimes, these groups can be helpful in developing co-investment contacts.

* Real Estate Investment Forums: Participate in online forums and communities dedicated to real estate investing. Platforms like BiggerPockets and Reddit’s r/realestate provide opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from experienced investors. These online forums are almost always available at no cost and managed by the community itself.

* Real Estate Books and Publications: Read books authored by renowned real estate investors and industry experts. Some popular titles include “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” by Gary Keller, “Commercial Real Estate Investing” by Dolf de Roos, and “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing” by Ken McElroy. Additionally, lots of good information is made available through industry publications and websites like Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) for plenty of deep-dive valuable insights.

* Real Estate Investment Podcasts: Podcasts provide an excellent way to absorb knowledge while on the go. Popular real estate investment podcasts include “The Real Estate Guys Radio Show,” “The BiggerPockets Podcast,” and “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever.” Additionally, many of the successful entrepreneurs in commercial real estate actively share information through their social media channels. Some good examples would be the soon to be launched Jetall-U.com from Houston’s Ali Choudhri and Jetall Capital, Nashville’s Tyler Cauble or Austin’s Ari Rastegar, three examples of successful real estate investors sharing their knowledge openly.

* Professional Real Estate Advisors: Surround yourself with people smarter than you at their individual fields. This is done, by seeking guidance from professionals such as real estate attorneys, commercial real estate brokers, property managers, and certified public accountants (CPAs) who specialize in real estate. These professionals can provide expert advice, assist with due diligence, and help you navigate the complexities of commercial real estate transactions.

* Mentorship: One of the most effective ways to learn is to find a seasoned investor who is willing to mentor and guide you through your initial steps and transactions in commercial real estate investing. A mentor can offer personalized advice, share their experiences, and help you make informed decisions based upon their own historical experiences.

Online Webinars and Workshops: Webinars and workshops are live or pre-recorded sessions conducted by experts or educators on specific topics. These online learning events often have a designated time slot and may include interactive elements like Q&A sessions. The fees for webinars and workshops can vary significantly, ranging from free to a few hundred dollars.

* Subscription-based Learning Platforms: Some online platforms offer subscription-based models, providing access to a library of courses, tutorials, and resources. For instance, platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare charge a small monthly or annual fee to access their entire course catalog.

* Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): MOOCs are online courses that are often provided by prestigious universities and institutions. Platforms like Coursera and edX offer MOOCs that can be reviewed for free, but a fee is usually required to obtain a certificate of completion or access additional features such as graded assignments and instructor feedback. Certificate fees for MOOCs generally range from $30 to $100 per course.

Remember, while seeking knowledge and guidance is important, it’s also crucial to conduct thorough research, perform due diligence, and develop a strong understanding of the local market before making any investment decisions. It is advisable to research and compare the pricing of different learning sources to determine the best options that align with your learning goals and budget.

“Property ownership sustains long-term value to you and your shareholders or family.  Educating yourself is the first step in becoming a legitimate real estate investor.” – Ali Choudhri, CEO at Jetall Capital

Investing in commercial properties offers numerous opportunities for wealth creation, but it also carries substantial risks. By employing diligent research and analysis, prospective investors can mitigate these risks and identify properties with strong cash flow potential and high likelihood of long-term value appreciation.

About Jetall Capital

Online & Offline Sources to Learn About Real Estate Investing

Jetall Capital is a family-owned real estate investment and management firm, which through its principals, commenced operations in 1961 in London, England. Lead by Mr. Ali Choudhri, Jetall Capital is a family-owned real estate investment and management firm, which is now the largest private owner of commercial office space in Houston’s Galleria submarket – managing over 1 million square feet of high-value property throughout Houston, Austin, and Dallas.



Jetall Capital
Aiden Porter

Snapchat presents new concerns with My AI

Snapchat It’s no wonder that, with the AI revolution in full swing, practically every technological company wants to be part of the action.

Snapchat, the multimedia instant messaging service, has just launched My AI to compete in the realm of artificial intelligence.

While technology has many benefits, it can also be stressful for teenagers and parents.

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What happened?

Lyndi Lee of East Prairie, Missouri, advised her 13-year-old daughter not to use the feature.

Lee, a software engineer, is concerned about how younger users comprehend My AI.

“It’s a temporary solution until I know more about it and can set some healthy boundaries and guidelines,” said Lee.

“I don’t think I’m prepared to know how to teach my kid how to emotionally separate humans and machines when they essentially look the same from her point of view.”

“I just think there is a really clear line [Snapchat] is crossing.”


Snapchat’s newest feature was recently launched.

ChatGPT, a platform that delivers ideas, answers questions, and interacts with people, powers it.

There are, however, some notable differences:

  • Users can customize the chatbots name
  • Users can design custom Bitmoji avatars for the AI
  • Users can bring conversations with friends

It may appear that communicating with the chatbot is less transactional than interacting with the ChatGPT website.

It also makes distinguishing between connecting with humans and speaking with robots difficult.


Snapchat’s new feature has garnered harsh criticism in app stores and on social media due to privacy concerns.

Other users have voiced dissatisfaction about unnerving exchanges and being unable to remove My AI from their chat feed unless they pay for a premium subscription.

Despite the fact that some people find the tool useful, the mixed response emphasizes the risks that businesses face when incorporating generative AI technology into their products, particularly for brands with young audiences such as Snapchat.

When OpenAI opened up ChatGPT to third-party firms, Snapchat was one of the early launch partners.

Snapchat almost instantly triggered previously unforeseen concerns from families and governments.

In March, shortly after My AI was made available to Snap’s membership consumers, Democratic Senator Michael Bennett wrote to the CEOs of Snap and other technical businesses.

Bennet is wary about how the chatbot interacts with younger people.

According to sources, it may show how youngsters may deceive their parents.

“These examples would be disturbing for any social media platform, but they are especially troubling for Snapchat, which almost 60 percent of American teenagers use,” Bennet wrote.

“Although Snap concedes My AI is ‘experimental,’ it has nevertheless rushed to enroll American kids and adolescents in its social experiment.”

Snap responded recently, saying:

“My AI is far from perfect, but we’ve made a lot of progress.”


Snapchat users have been anxious since the app’s formal launch.

One user characterized his contact with the chatbot as terrifying after it lied about not knowing where he was.

The chatbot disclosed that he resided in Colorado after shifting the tone of the conversation.

In a TikTok video, Ariel combined My AI’s beginning, chorus, and piano sounds to construct a song describing what it’s like to be a chatbot.

The chatbot denied any participation when she returned the song, saying:

“I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I don’t write songs.”

Snapchat stated that it will continue to enhance My AI based on user input while also implementing extra security measures to keep users secure.

Users can also opt not to communicate with My AI, according to the company.

Dropping My AI from conversation streams, on the other hand, necessitates a premium Snapchat+ membership.

Some gave in and disabled the tool before canceling the service.

Teens and chatbots

ChatGPT has previously been chastised for providing incorrect information, misbehaving with users, and allowing students to cheat.

Integrating Snapchat, on the other hand, may exacerbate existing issues while adding new ones.

Several patients’ parents were concerned about how their adolescent might use Snapchat, according to New York clinical psychologist Alexandra Hamlet.

Concerns concerning chatbot instruction have also been raised, notably in the context of mental health.

Artificial intelligence technologies have the potential to exacerbate a person’s confirmation bias and encourage them to seek out people who agree with their incorrect notions.

“If a teen is in a negative mood and does not have the awareness desire to feel better, they may seek out a conversation with a chatbot that they know will make them feel worse,” said Hamlet.

“Over time, having interactions like these can erode a teens’ sense of worth, despite their knowing that they are really talking to a bot.”

“In an emotional state of mind, it becomes less possible for an individual to consider this type of logic.”

According to Sinead Bovell, founder of WAYE, parents must make it clear that the chatbot is not a buddy.

“They’re also not your therapist or a trusted adviser, and anyone interacting with them needs to be very cautious, especially teenagers who may be more susceptible to believing what they say,” said Bovell.

“Parents should be talking to their kids now about how they shouldn’t share anything with a chatbot that they would a friend – even though, from a user design perspective, the chatbot exists in the same corner of Snapchat.”

Ron DeSantis pushes against Disney despite criticisms

Ron DeSantisThe feud between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney Company has escalated, with DeSantis threatening to escalate the conflict.

The governor’s fight against the entertainment magnate, on the other hand, has been chastised for its tenacity.

Ron DeSantis slammed Disney this week for taking recent steps to stymie his efforts to get control of Disney’s Orlando parks and businesses.

“We’ll make sure that we keep them in their pen, one way or another,” DeSantis said on Wednesday.

Authority over the property

The Florida governor was in South Carolina for an event, an early presidential primary state.

Ron DeSantis has yet to officially launch his candidacy for president, but many see him as Donald Trump’s main rival for the Republican nomination in 2024.

In promoting his new book, he referred to Disney as a “Magic Kingdom of Woke Corporatism.”

DeSantis’ selection of a board of supervisors to manage Disney World’s special tax district has raised the pressure on the company.

Officials sought to retake possession of things they think Disney wrongfully seized before seizing control on Wednesday.

The board acted only two days before Ron DeSantis proposed a spate of anti-Disney World legislation, including restrictions on nearby property development.

“People have said maybe create a state park, try to do more amusement parks,” he said.

“Someone said state prisons. Who knows?”

The year-long battle

The spat between Ron DeSantis and Disney began in 2022, when the business challenged a contentious Republican-passed Florida law.

Critics called the regulation “Don’t Say Gay” because it forbade classroom discussion of gender identity or sexual orientation.

The conflict began with Disney’s objection.

The Republican-controlled legislature and Ron DeSantis targeted the special tax district that has allowed Disney to self-regulate for decades.

His willingness to utilize his political position to combat cultural battles increased his support inside the Republican Party.

Moving on the national stage before making a presidential declaration, on the other hand, drew criticism from Republicans and others.

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The country is watching

Formerly an ally of Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump now often criticizes the governor.

He said on Tuesday that Disney was ruining the governor.

Meanwhile, Republican former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who brought up the Disney controversy, questioned DeSantis’ political ability.

Christie said:

“That’s not the guy I want sitting across from [President Xi Jinping of China or Russia President Vladimir Putin] and trying to resolve what’s happening in Ukraine, if you can’t see around a corner [Disney CEO] Bob Iger created for you.”

On Monday, Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu stated that the Disney conflict muddles the Republican message.

Christie and Sununu are either running for president or being discussed as prospective candidates, so they might be DeSantis’s opponents.

However, some surveys from the likely Republican primary field showed Ron DeSantis losing support to Trump.

DeSantis’ press secretary cited a statement released on Tuesday accusing Disney of entering into a “legally deficient, 11th-hour agreement to preserve their special privileges.”

“There’s an attempt to subvert the will of the people of Florida, and Governor DeSantis will not stand for that,” said Griffin in response to Christie’s criticism.

Regulatory control

In 1967, the Reedy Creek Improvement District was formed as a municipal government.

It delegated to Disney regulatory power over public services and other obligations at the 25,000-acre parks and resorts in Florida.

Every year, the entertainment corporation paid Reedy Creek millions of dollars in taxes to fund services and municipal duties.

Following Disney’s rejection of the Florida bill, Republicans in Congress introduced legislation to declassify it.

Concerns were made that if the state withdrew Disney’s self-government status, residents in two counties in Florida would suffer a huge tax burden.

The state legislature abandoned the idea in February and replaced it with a proposal that renames the district and gives DeSantis control over five board members.

The current Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board, on the other hand, stated in March that their predecessors had stripped them of most of their authority before leaving.

The previous board decided in February to take over administration of the district’s growth to Disney.


During its meeting on Wednesday, the new board resolved to issue a new resolution next week that would nullify the development agreement.

The decision was approved unanimously after several voices, including state agency officials and board legal experts, criticized Disney over the matter.

“The bottom line is that Disney engaged in a caper worthy of Scrooge McDuck to try to evade Florida law,” said David Thompson, the board’s trial counsel.

Thompson and another attorney, Alan Lawson, said that the development agreement was null and illegal because the previous board failed to notify impacted property owners.

Nate Chastain and lawyers try to rid the ‘insider trading’ label

Nate Chastain — In 2022, the prominent NFT marketplace OpenSea was dealing with a slew of problems, including claims of insider trading originating from suspicious NFT trades.

Former OpenSea product manager Nate Chastain was charged with wire fraud and money laundering.

He most likely purchased hundreds of NFTs before they were available on the OpenSea website.

Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the FBI, issued the following remark in 2022:

“With the emergence of any new investment tool, such as blockchain supported non-fungible tokens, there are those who will exploit vulnerabilities for their own gain.”

“The FBI will continue to aggressively pursue actors who choose to manipulate the market in any way.”

Nate Chastain’s trial began this week, when the former product director defended himself against “insider trading” claims.

The charges

Insider trading is the unlawful purchase or selling of stocks based on non-public information not available to the general public, providing insiders an unfair edge over other investors.

The allegations have been labeled the “First Ever Digital Asset Insider Trading Scheme.”

According to the Department of Justice, Nate Chastain utilized private information to his advantage by learning about the NFTs that will be released on OpenSea’s webpage.

The DOJ stated in the indictment that it intended to have Chastain forfeit all property and revenues resulting from the alleged fraud and money laundering NFT activities.

If convicted, Chastain could face more than 20 years in jail for each of the charges levied against him.

Nate Chastain was first charged with wire fraud and money laundering, but prosecutors with the DOJ upgraded their accusations to include “insider trading.”


Nate Chastain’s attorneys have fought the claims and the terminology used to characterize them with tenacity.

They contended that the action should be dismissed due to the ambiguous legal environment surrounding NFTs, as well as a lack of legal precedent or regulatory certainty about their position as securities or commodities.

“As alleged, acting with purported criminal intent, Mr. Chastain exploited his advanced knowledge of which NFTs would be featured on OpenSea’s homepage by purchasing certain NFTs before they were featured and selling them at a profit after they were featured,” their 2022 filing said.

“The rub, however, is that the NFTs are neither securities nor commodities.”

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The marketplace

OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets.

It enables users to create, list, and trade NFTs representing a wide range of digital assets, including art, music, domain names, virtual real estate, and others.

OpenSea uses the Ethereum blockchain to enable users to transact without the use of middlemen or centralized authority.

It also offers a wide range of tools and services to NFT creators and purchasers, such as configurable smart contracts, analytics, and vast search capabilities.

In the NFT arena, OpenSea has grown in popularity, bringing hundreds of producers and collectors to its platform.


Judge Jesse M. Furman requested that Nate Chastain’s attorneys prepare a set of jury instructions during a pre-trial hearing last week.

On Sunday, April 23, the defense team sent the judge a letter with various viewpoints that differed from the prosecution’s.

According to Chastain’s attorneys, he has not been charged with “insider trading,” hence the charges should not use that word.

“The defense disputes that Mr. Chastain’s conduct can be described as ‘insider trading,'” attorney David Miller wrote.

“Whatever understanding you may have about what ‘insider trading’ may be, you should not concern yourselves with it.”

Judge Jesse M. Furman requested that Nate Chastain’s attorneys prepare a set of jury instructions during a pre-trial hearing last week.

On Sunday, April 23, the defense team sent the judge a letter with various viewpoints that differed from the prosecution’s.

According to Chastain’s attorneys, he has not been charged with “insider trading,” hence the charges should not use that word.

Second proposals

The second set of recommendations from Nate Chastain’s counsel concerns people who were damaged by his activities, which is a contentious subject in the trial.

According to the DOJ, individual consumers were affected as a consequence of Chastain’s acts, and they were asked to join in the court case.

In contrast, Chastain’s defense team argued that OpenSea was the single victim.

In their letter, they argued that the jury should only hear from the NFT marketplace.

Last Monday, Judge Furman granted the Department of Justice authority to refer to Nate Chastain’s charges as “insider trading.”