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Trailblazing Mira Tzur ventures into tech for a new partnership!

Trailblazing Mira Tzur ventures into tech for a new partnership!
Photo Credit: Ina Bochian

Producer, entrepreneur, writer, actress, forms corporate partnership flaunting her expertise with a nextgen fintech company – TruUniverse as their new Senior Vice President in North America.

Why she’s extraordinary

Mira, the forward thinking founder of One Circle Production & Consulting Group, has recently become a partner in TruUniverse, a North American fintech company.  This partnership is an expansion to her existing full-service production company, which provides casting, acting, producing, branding, advertising, corporate partnerships, and business management. 

With her entrepreneur skills, this business woman plays a vital role in enhancing  TruUniverse’s reach.  Mira states,  “Exciting times lay ahead in the fintech industry, as the world is going cashless.”   A company renowned for developing and implementing elegant payment and reward solutions for businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits, TruUniverse welcomes Mira as their Senior Vice President.  Using her extensive network that stretches across diverse industries such as retail, transportation, manufacturing, government, entertainment, and media, Mira’s leadership opens new opportunities for TruUniverse’s global presence.  With a clear vision in mind, this new executive position has been a natural fit, which resulted in a 500 percent increase in Tru’s clientbase in the past year, contributing significantly to the growth of the business.  The key to this partnership is the development of the payment platform and customization of how cashless tender is implemented as a marketing strategy.  Having the experience of collaborating and partnering with numerous Fortune 500 companies under her belt, Mira is an asset and strategic planner at TruUniverse who focuses on taking efficient actions while creating solutions.  “I prefer the hands-on and direct approach, taking action, rather than discussing ideas,” Mira says.  

Despite the challenge of individualizing programs in the broad market space of financial technology, Tzur masters the art of crafting robust media and outreach strategies for TruUniverse with the resources developed at One Circle Productions & Consulting Group.  She factors in industry specifics, customer needs, and the brand image TruUniverse intends to establish.  As a leader and executive, Mira is excited to empower women as she rises to new heights in this male-dominated fintech world.

Mira envisions fostering international partnerships critical to TruUniverse’s expansion.  Beyond the business sector, Tru’s new Senior Vice President is excited to facilitate partnerships with non-profit organizations, such as United Way British Columbia, the organization that supports healthy, caring and inclusive communities through economic mobility, and the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), the largest nonprofit founder of blood cancer research since 1949.  Furthermore, Mira is excited about Tru’s growing impact in the transportation sector and wants to continue building on the foundation Tru is developing in this industry.  Recently, Tru has been provisioning prepaid cards for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“LA Metro”), the agency that plans, operates, and coordinates funding for most of the transportation system across Los Angeles and surrounding counties.  Under Mira’s leadership, Tru’s capacity for growth and expansion in every sector, nationally, and internationally is limtless.  The technology and customization behind the innovative cashless tender payment platform makes Tru’s service and product unique, while the vision and strategic implementation of product placement and marketing sets the foundation for exponential growth.

Overall, the collaboration between Mira’s One Circle Production & Consulting Group and TruUniverse solidifies groundbreaking innovations in payment solutions and marketing established on a foundation anchored in custom tailored branding strategies.  “When it comes to our clients, we take pride in creating specialized solutions for business branding and marketing needs.”  

The business model at Tru puts the client’s unique needs first while fostering opportunities to increase revenue by expediting payment processes, rewards, employee incentives, and other cashless solutions that elevate branding.  

From her success as a producer and actress, most recently in “Arugam Bay,” to developing her book, “Anonymously Famous,” an essential guide for achieving an everlasting career in the world of commercial print and on camera lifestyle modeling, Mira brings the power of storytelling and executing a brand story to the tech industry.  Moving forward, she envisions new dimensions for One Circle Production & Consulting Group and TruUniverse, with plans to employ her media, fashion, and film production expertise to align like pillars holding up a new platform full of creative opportunities connecting media, advertising, tech, and business.  The innovative direction this partnership charts impacts the infrastructure of public and private industries, enhancing the lives of clients.  With Mira Tzur and TruUniverse’s team-up, a brighter, cashless future is on the horizon.

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Published By: Aize Perez

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