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Veles Software: Pioneering the Future of IT Management With MPA Tools, My Workstation, and a People-Centric Approach

Veles Software: Pioneering the Future of IT Management With MPA Tools, My Workstation, and a People-Centric Approach
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Information Technology (IT) is no longer a compartmentalized department or a functional support arm in today’s fast-changing business world. It has evolved into a strategic asset. The growing trend of hybrid and remote work, driven by pandemic-induced disruptions and new organizational paradigms, has elevated IT to a pivotal position. Information Technology works as the spinal cord connecting different enterprise nodes, whether in high-rise office buildings or residential flats, from guaranteeing secure connections to managing cloud resources.

Veles Software, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and launched in 2008, has grasped this new IT position. The firm specializes in IT consulting and software, and its main products include MPA Tools and My Workstation. These services seek to reshape the industry by emphasizing automation, scalability, and end-user experience.

An infrastructure solutions architect with over two decades of IT system management and architecture experience, Andrei Arapov established Veles Software in 2008. The firm acquired its first customer in the founding year, setting the basis for a long innovation journey and worldwide expansion.

Andrei Arapov, the founder of Veles Software, has over two decades of experience in IT system management and architecture. Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, Arapov, an engineering graduate, refined his abilities in several settings, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. His extensive knowledge goes beyond the practicalities of system design and security procedures to a philosophical grasp of how technology influences corporate behavior and culture.

The absence of effective, integrated solutions that could handle IT administration’s technical and human elements prompted Arapov to establish Veles Software. Arapov identified the need for a solution that could speed up procedures and enhance the digital experience for workers after being subjected to improper software and poor management tools. This unmet requirement served as the foundation for Veles Software.

Entrepreneurship is fraught with difficulties, and Arapov’s path was no different. One of his most difficult challenges was balancing his technical skills with his obligations as a company leader. In the beginning, learning to market the product was as much a part of the job as any technical labor, requiring a whole new skill set and mentality. Arapov eventually mastered combining his technical knowledge with acute business acumen. This combination remains one of Veles Software’s’ primary assets.

Arapov views the IT management environment as an ever-changing sector needing ongoing innovation and flexibility. In keeping with his mindset, he anticipates Veles Software actively defining the future of IT management solutions rather than just keeping up with them. He aspires to make Veles Software a synonym for excellence in IT management and beyond through cutting-edge research, strategic alliances, and a never-ending dedication to progress.

From its inception, Veles Software showed a propensity for growth and scalability. The company launched its first product, My Admin Tools, primarily for internal use, in 2011. The goal was simple but revolutionary: simplifying Windows Server patching and support. Two years later, in 2013, the firm made My Ping App available to the public, part of a suite of administrative tools initially intended for internal use.

The company released the SCCM Connector, a separate program targeted at improving ConfigMgr client and site-systems support for administrators in 2015. Veles Software merged this tool into MPA Tools in 2017, boosting its capabilities and improving the user experience. The company released another game-changing tool, My Workstation, in 2019. MPA Tools has pushed itself into the field of sophisticated IT management solutions, capable of giving intelligent insights and automation, with the inclusion of OpenAI backend integration in 2023.

MPA Tools is a paradigm of advanced endpoint management built by system administrators for system administrators. The solution intends to address difficulties in IT administrative operations while lowering problem resolution time. MPA Tools has several capabilities, such as remote management, full system supervision, and a suite of tools for various activities. Its integration with platforms such as Intune in 2021 and OpenAI in 2023 demonstrates its dedication to adaptation and progress.

The My Workstation platform focuses on two essential IT management pain points: pricey Help Desk calls and endpoint reliability. It offers real-time notifications and a vast knowledge base for self-support, minimizing reliance on Help Desk engagements, which could cost businesses up to $40 per ticket. My Workstation offers optimum performance and security for individual systems by concentrating on endpoint stability, thereby contributing to an organization’s total efficiency.

Veles Software also offers comprehensive IT consulting services in addition to software solutions. Recognizing that every enterprise is different, the company offers customized guidance on IT strategy, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and system integration. Veles Software, with a team of specialists, aids organizations in optimizing the usability of their IT infrastructure while avoiding costs and risks.

Veles Software has prioritized client diversification throughout its existence. Its worldwide reach stretches beyond the borders of Calgary and even Canada, servicing clients from many regions and industries. This global presence underlines the company’s dedication to changing IT management.

Veles Software’s philosophy is that technology should be a catalyst for development rather than a hurdle to overcome. They foresee a workplace where IT is more than a support function but an active player in creating a stimulating, frictionless work environment. The company tries to make this goal a reality for companies globally through continuous innovation.

Veles Software takes a holistic approach to IT administration. Recognizing that a system is only as strong as its weakest link, the organization prioritizes innovative repair processes, robust security measures, and comprehensive system management. This integrated strategy guarantees that IT operations are simplified, secure, and successful, supporting the organization’s overall goals.

The organization recognizes the importance of a healthy work environment for productivity and employee well-being. Veles Software lowers friction in digital workplaces by providing accessible, dependable IT solutions and consulting services. Their products and services empower workers, allowing them to feel more in control and less stressed, resulting in a more positive work atmosphere. The emphasis is on fixing technical issues and developing solutions that contribute to a healthier, more active workplace for everyone.

Veles Software puts a high value on the digital employee experience. When digital tools are as important as any other resource in today’s workplace, the user experience can make or break productivity. Veles Software has effectively balanced administrative control with end-user experience by offering IT solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, and proactive.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a rising remote work culture. Under such conditions, managing and supporting IT architecture became more difficult. MPA Tools and My Workstation from Veles Software were beneficial in these situations. These technologies provide remote assistance and management, removing geographical location as a barrier to successful IT administration.

IT departments and other business units or functions have traditionally worked in silos, with little knowledge of one other’s difficulties and restrictions. Veles Software’s product suite bridges this gap by establishing an environment where IT professionals can effectively manage systems while providing workers with user-friendly interfaces, rapid responses, and minimal downtime.

Veles Software invests in research and development, and their product roadmap includes integration with technologies such as edge computing and blockchain. The firm intends to improve its AI skills to achieve predictive IT management that can fix problems autonomously before they worsen. Veles Software has also won multiple industry accolades, including ‘Best IT Management Software’ in 2022 from Software Insights. 

Andrei Arapov and Veles Software provide a view into the future of IT by blending technical genius with a people-centric approach. IT will be more integrated, efficient, and responsive to the requirements of the people it serves.

Veles Software’s products and services represent a paradigm change in how contemporary enterprises perceive and handle IT. By focusing on the digital employee experience, these solutions become strategic assets empowering IT staff and end users.

Veles Software is fulfilling the demands of today’s complex IT environments and establishing a benchmark for what IT administration can and should look like in the future, thanks to its innovation and emphasis on addressing real-world challenges. Veles Software is leading the way in reinventing IT administration and influencing the digital environment of the future with an eye on new technologies and an agile approach to product development.

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