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Tomeka B. Holyfield: All-Star Gospel Creator and Executive Producer and Passionate Advocate for Women

Tomeka B. Holyfield: All-Star Gospel Creator and Executive Producer and Passionate Advocate for Women
Photo Courtesy: Robert Ector

It’s Women’s History Month! A time to celebrate and honor the contributions and achievements of women and an opportunity to recognize the remarkable women who have made significant impacts in various fields. 

One woman we are celebrating is Houston, TX native Tomeka B Holyfield. The executive producer and creator of the All-Star Gospel Celebration and five other faith-based properties, and the CEO of HAG-Helpppp Agency Group.

She is also a USA Today & Wall Street Journal best-selling author of the book “Business Success Secrets- Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works.”

Confident, faithful, giving, and supportive she’s known for her “crazy faith”. Every year she is directed by faith by tirelessly and diligently working with her ASGC staff to bring the most exciting platform to a city where ever the NBA All-Star week is held. 

A woman who owns every room she enters, Tomeka is a strong advocate for women and believes in fostering a sense of unity and support. She is passionate about creating an environment where everyone thrives, and believes in the power of collaboration and cooperation. She is committed to using her platform to make a difference in the world.

This remarkable woman encourages others to uplift and celebrate each other’s achievements and has always been excited to celebrate other success stories. Her love for seeing people prosper, grow, and succeed evokes celebration.

By breaking barriers and excelling in traditionally male-dominated areas, she is empowering women to pursue their aspirations and challenge societal norms.

Bold, relentless and confident, she has created a platform, All-Star Gospel Celebration (ASGC) that stands out in a male-dominated field. In an interview she explains that as an entrepreneur, her journey has been marked by adversity and resilience over a nearly two-decade tenure leading ASGC. However, no matter how tough it gets, she is reminded that she is living her purpose. 

ASGC is the NBA Kick-Off event that takes her to cities across the country, where she meets notables of all walks, and yet she stays humble.

A woman who exerts herself far and above the call of duty has been supporting women worldwide for years. Her dreams are ambitious and she has a calling to assist others in achieving what life has to offer them.

It took unshakeable faith and tough skin to get where she is today.

Holyfield began her career as a motivational speaker while she was still a student at Texas Southern University. 

In 1997, Holyfield founded The HELPPPPing Hands Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that provides resources and support to women and children in need. For more than 25 years, she has rolled up her sleeves to do the WORK!

In 2001, she moved to Atlanta and became the executive director of the Evander Holyfield Foundation. In this role, she worked to empower women and children through education and mentorship programs.

In 2006, she also launched The Helpppp Agency/HelppppMEDIA, a production company and strategic branding and public relations agency. The company has produced some of the most iconic platforms during major sporting events and cultural moments, such as NBA All-Star Weekend, Grammy Week, Oscar Week, MLB All-Star Week, and MLS All-Star Week.

In 2016, Holyfield expanded her business interests by founding Helpppp Agency Business Solutions, a solutions service and government contracting company.

In 2017, she created HAG- Helpppp Agency Group to combine and house all of her companies under one umbrella. Now, a multi-million dollar empire!

Tomeka B. Holyfield: All-Star Gospel Creator and Executive Producer and Passionate Advocate for Women

Photo Courtesy: Robert Ector

As a dynamic speaker her popular uCAN uWILL uMUST motivational series is in high demand and sweeping the Nation as she travels the WORLD motivating individuals on the urgency of “Taking Their Life Back”​.

Her overall message is one of ENORMOUS FAITH to accomplish ONES DREAMS and GOALS; even when individuals feel they are too old, the opportunity is too late or too hard and just too much for them to visualize.

Her ability to RELATE on the onset of meeting individuals hands down is stupendous. With a bubbly personality, a poise posture, her style perfected to perfection, her cued sense of protocol and morals and beliefs that are not compromised, makes her a dynamic speaker.

In her speeches, she incorporates simple examples, humorous stories and a transparent perspective to inspire people of all walks of life to take responsibility, overcome obstacles and achieve success.

An innovative and imaginative trailblazer, she possesses a remarkable ability to think beyond conventional boundaries, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. 

Her visionary mindset allows her to see opportunities and solutions that others may overlook. With her boundless creativity, she is able to conceive and bring to life ideas that are both original and impactful.

This extraordinary woman is not afraid to challenge norms and explore uncharted territories. She thrives on innovation and is constantly seeking new ways to express her creativity. Her mind is a wellspring of ideas, and she has the ability to transform abstract concepts into tangible realities.

She inspires others with her ability to envision a future that is bold, exciting, and filled with endless possibilities.

Her unlimited creativity is not only a gift but also a driving force. She is relentless in her pursuit of new ideas and is always seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for her work are contagious, drawing others into her creative sphere and inspiring collaboration and innovation.

Tomeka B Holyfield is inspiring future generations and working towards a more inclusive and equitable society for women.

For more information about Tomeka B. Holyfield and all things inspirational, please visit https://helppppagencygroup.com


Published By: Aize Perez

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