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Dr. Joann Massey: Driving Economic Growth and Inclusion in Memphis and Shelby County

Dr. Joann Massey: Driving Economic Growth and Inclusion in Memphis and Shelby County
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Joann Massey

By: Lennard James

At the epicenter of economic revitalization and progressive inclusion within Memphis and Shelby County stands a pivotal figure, Dr. Joann Massey. Serving as the Vice President of Operations for the Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE), Massey orchestrates a symphony of initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing both the growth and inclusivity of local businesses and communities. Her tenure, adorned with over sixteen years of seasoned experience in economic development and business consulting, illuminates her path with achievements and accolades that signify her profound impact on the region’s prosperity.

Possessing a diverse skill set that spans across operations, finance, project management, business development, and beyond, Massey’s expertise is both broad and deep. This breadth of knowledge enables her to adeptly manage complex teams and projects, servicing an expansive portfolio of over 1,200 business clients, orchestrating the efforts of more than 100 employees, and efficiently administering budgets that exceed $40 million. Such feats not only highlight her exceptional leadership and organizational capabilities but also her keen ability to confront and navigate the multifaceted challenges that the economic landscape presents.

The accolades and certifications Massey has earned throughout her career, including distinctions like the Contract Compliance Administrator and the Managing Economic Development Organizations certification, are a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and her dedication to her field. Her involvement in Leadership Memphis Executive Class further exemplifies her commitment to professional growth and community engagement.

Beyond her impressive professional trajectory, Massey harbors a deep-seated passion for promoting diversity, inclusion, and civic participation. She recognizes the critical importance of these values in cultivating dynamic and resilient communities. By integrating these principles into her work, Massey strives to not only uplift but also empower the businesses and communities within her reach, setting the stage for a future where achievement and opportunity are accessible to all.

Under her stewardship at EDGE, Massey pioneers efforts that not only aim to propel economic advancement but also ensure that inclusivity and equitable opportunities remain at the forefront of this progress. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion in economic development initiatives guarantees that underrepresented communities are acknowledged, valued, and poised to share in the region’s flourishing prosperity. Through strategic alliances and innovative approaches, she is a key architect in building a more inclusive and prosperous future for Memphis and Shelby County.

The trajectory of Memphis and Shelby County under Massey’s guidance is a testament to her unwavering commitment to effectuating positive change. Her visionary leadership and dedicated passion for enhancing the fabric of the community are indispensable to the area’s ongoing success. As the narrative of economic development in Memphis and Shelby County unfolds, Dr. Joann Massey remains a beacon of progress, steering the region towards a future marked by boundless opportunity and inclusivity.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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