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Zabar’s NYC Grocery Store Supports Dog Rescues with Rescue Treats®, Profits From Sales Go Directly to Dog Rescues

Legendary NYC grocery store Zabar’s, renowned for its “Gourmet Epicurean Emporium” and commitment to quality, is now a proud supporter of Rescue Treats®. Located in the heart of the city’s Upper West Side at 2245 Broadway, Zabar’s now carries Rescue Treats® in its store in an effort to support dog rescues. 

Established in 1934 by Louis and Lillian Zabar, the family business continues to thrive eighty years and three generations later. Louis was famously meticulous about quality, roasting his own coffee and personally visiting smokehouses to inspect their fish. The company built its heritage on principles of respect for the customer, never compromising on quality, offering fair value, and a constant search for the new and wonderful.

Zabar’s has a rich history of introducing New Yorkers to exciting gustatory experiences. From Brie in the 1960s, sun-dried tomatoes and gnocchi in the ’70s, to becoming embroiled in the unexpected flurry of a “Caviar War” in the ’80s – in which Zabars emerged victorious, of course! Embracing the ethos of their founder, they fostered an ongoing, evolving love affair with exotic flavors and food experiences, resulting in an expanded venture that now spans the entire block front. This heritage now encompasses a new chapter of giving back to the community with the inclusion of Rescue Treats® in their beloved store. 

Rescue Treats® is a relatively fresh venture by NYC entrepreneur and philanthropist Arron Jones-Williams. The venture was born out of his personal experiences as a former foster kid, inspiring him to help foster dogs find a forever home just like he searched for one. His deep commitment to dog rescues has found a direct channel through the creation of Rescue Treats®. The brand bakes all-natural dog treats and generously donates the profits to dog rescues. Large-hearted, yet careful about what goes into their products, Rescue Treats® contains nothing artificial. No junk, no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients – mirroring Zabar’s own passion for quality.

At present, animal rescues need support more than ever. The pandemic has deeply strained animal shelters and rescue organizations. Often volunteer-run and funded primarily by philanthropy, these organizations are facing stark challenges amidst a recovering economy and record inflation. By providing Rescue Treats®, Zabar’s is creating a source of valuable assistance for these groups. 

Rescue Treats® and Zabar’s share striking parallels. Both companies operate from a base of ethics, passion, and an unwavering commitment to quality. For Zabar’s, it’s ensuring only the best gourmet products grace their grocery shelves. Arron and Rescue Treats® guarantees all-natural, junk-free, lovingly baked dog treats that support dog rescues. 

This remarkable opportunity comes as a symbol of constant evolution and growth – one towards better quality and better service and another for the betterment of the lives of dogs who need it the most. Together, Zabar’s and Rescue Treats® are creating a deeper impact in society by not only serving their customers and dog lovers but also contributing actively towards fostering rescue dogs. This continues Louis and Lillian’s legacy of respect, quality and heart – a legacy of love for each other, for the business, and for great food. 

Whether it’s hand-slicing warm, delicious smoked fish behind the deli counter, offering tastings of the latest artisanal cheeses, or baking fresh batches of rugelach from their Bubbe’s recipe, everyone at Zabar’s is deeply invested in their work. And now, that encompasses boisterous tail wags from rescue dogs enjoying Rescue Treats®. 

In carrying Rescue Treats®, they’re extending that joy beyond the store, beyond the community, and spreading it into the homes of rescued dogs. What’s not to love about that? 

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