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Vitastem Ultra: A Game-Changer in Wound Care and Infection Prevention to Expand Sales Growth into India, The Middle East & Caribbean

By: Tiffany Sorkin  

Some products come and go in medicine and pharmaceuticals, while others stand the test of time and continue to make a significant impact. Vitastem Ultra is undoubtedly one such product, making waves in the healthcare industry as one of the strongest topical antibiotics on the market. This FDA-registered topical antibiotic spray has been battling infections and promoting wound care for over a decade, setting a new standard in the field.

According to some recent news, the ViaDerma (OTC: VDRM) management team has been diligently collaborating with their new contract product manufacturer to bolster production capabilities to support large volume orders. This expansion is geared towards accommodating a surge in demand, with orders ranging from 250,000 to 300,000 units per country in the pipeline for this year.

Now, with the stability testing requirements for Vitastem Ultra to be able to be distributed overseas nearing its completion, ViaDerma is poised to meet the rising demand in the Caribbean, Middle East, Egypt, and India. The discussions with sales partners indicate initial annual distribution targets of 300,000 units per country, with plans for further scaling as the product gains traction.

With a track record that boasts ten times more effectiveness than other wound care and infection prevention products, Vitastem Ultra has garnered a reputation that precedes it. Developed by parent company ViaDerma, this innovative topical antibiotic is now available over the counter (OTC). It is a versatile solution for many conditions, from acne, cuts & scrapes to diabetic ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, lacerations, scars, shingles, staph, MRSA, and other minor to severe wounds.

Vitastem Ultra’s effectiveness in treating these conditions stems from its unique formulation, which allows it to tackle a broad spectrum of bacteria and pathogens. This makes it a go-to choice for healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and places of care, aiming to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the emergence of superbugs like MRSA. 

According to the CDC, at any given time, HAIs will often affect 1 in 31 patients in healthcare facilities and continue to cost healthcare upwards of $45 billion in the US each year while resulting in nearly 1 million deaths.

Vitastem Ultra: A Game-Changer in Wound Care and Infection Prevention to Expand Sales Growth into India, The Middle East & Caribbean

Photo Credit: Vitastem Ultra

What sets Vitastem Ultra apart from the competition is not just its effectiveness but also its user-friendliness. The topical antibiotic spray is easy to apply, making it accessible to individuals seeking immediate relief from wounds or infections. Its OTC availability ensures it can be a first line of defense for many, reducing the need for prescription antibiotics in certain cases.

Judi Miller, FNP, a leading wound care professional, notes, “Vitastem has been a miracle worker on my patients’ wounds. In the nine months I have been using it, I have not seen one infection of the wounds. Patients love it, and so do I. Easy application and extremely effective.”

ViaDerma is rapidly expanding its distribution network as demand for this revolutionary product grows. Recent announcements reveal their strategic move to provide Vitastem Ultra to healthcare providers in regions such as The Caribbean, Middle East, Egypt, and India, where the need for innovative antibiotics is particularly high.

This expansion is crucial when healthcare professionals worldwide seek reliable solutions to combat increasingly resistant bacterial infections. Vitastem Ultra’s presence in these regions promises to significantly impact the fight against infectious diseases.

In a world where antibiotic resistance and the growing threat of superbugs pose a growing threat to public health, Vitastem Ultra is proving to be an essential tool in the arsenal of healthcare providers and an accessible solution for individuals seeking effective wound care and infection prevention. As the demand for innovative antibiotics like Vitastem Ultra continues to rise, it is clear that this product is here to stay and will undoubtedly shape the future of medicine and patient care.

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