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Vasanthan Ramakrishnan: Child Safety Advocate Wins Prestigious National Award

Vasanthan Ramakrishnan, a distinguished innovator and a staunch advocate for child safety, has been announced as the recipient of the “Pratibha Shree Award” from the National Achievers Recognition Forum (NARF). Scheduled to be presented on December 7, 2023, this award recognizes Ramakrishnan’s pioneering contributions to child safety technology and his unwavering commitment to protecting children’s rights.

As the recipient of the “Pratibha Shree Award,” Vasanthan Ramakrishnan joins the ranks of distinguished individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to their respective fields. This accolade not only acknowledges his past accomplishments but also serves as a catalyst for future endeavors in the realm of child safety. Ramakrishnan’s innovative spirit and commitment to advocating for the well-being of children exemplify the values that the award seeks to celebrate. The recognition from NARF highlights the broader impact of his work, emphasizing the crucial role technology can play in shaping a safer world for the next generation. The award ceremony on December 7, 2023, promises to be a momentous occasion, bringing well-deserved attention to Ramakrishnan’s contributions and reinforcing the importance of prioritizing child safety in the ongoing pursuit of societal progress.

While Ramakrishnan will be attending the ceremony virtually, the event is expected to be graced by prominent dignitaries, including Hon. Tirath Singh Rawat, Member of Parliament & Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Hon. Ram Niwas Goel, Speaker at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, and Dr. V.B. Soni, Former Diplomat and Retired Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer.

As the Chief Scientist at the Center for Innovation in Emerging Technologies (CIET) and the Child Rights Institute (CRI), Ramakrishnan has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking technologies like CySafe. This revolutionary child safety tool, a part of his internationally recognized Feminist Pen Foundation, is a game-changer in combating cyberbullying.

CySafe, the world’s first AI-based plugin tool, utilizes an advanced RNN-LSTM neural network to detect, anticipate, and classify cyberbullying incidents accurately. It stands out from conventional tools by its capability to recognize complex linguistic features, including slang, multilingualism, and aesopian phrases. Designed to operate across various languages, browsers, and devices, CySafe provides a comprehensive shield against cyberbullying.

The tool’s effectiveness in identifying and mitigating hidden cyberbullying activities has been demonstrated on platforms with significant teenage and child audiences. CySafe goes beyond simple detection, addressing the root causes of these harmful activities to prevent them from occurring.

The transformative impact of Ramakrishnan’s work has been recognized with two honorary doctorates from prestigious Indian institutions. His journey from humble beginnings in Madurai, India, to becoming a global leader in child safety and rights advocacy is a source of inspiration.

Vasanthan Ramakrishnan’s journey is a testament to the immense potential of technology when steered by a compassionate vision. His story serves as a beacon, guiding future generations toward a world where technology connects hearts and safeguards every child. The “Pratibha Shree Award” from NARF, celebrated in the presence of esteemed guests, marks another milestone in his remarkable journey towards creating a safer, more inclusive world for children.

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