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The Future of Electricity: Lightcore-Energy’s Pursuit of Eco-Friendly Energy Alternatives

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It’s an unquestionable reality that the demand for energy is on a perpetual rise, and this is set to persist in the years to come. As consumers of energy, it becomes increasingly crucial to select an electricity provider meticulously with heightened awareness. Lightcore-Energy Deutschland, founded in April 2018 by Fernando Correa, is a leading provider of green electricity, specializing in renewable energy procurement and photovoltaic system installation in Germany, partnering with European market leaders for the best green concepts. 

When it comes to power needs, Lightcore-Energy stands out with its experienced experts, presenting innovative solutions and opportunities that distinctly differ from traditional power generation. This capability involves the precise structuring of energy for specific customer groups. Furthermore, the company is characterized by its diversity, offering services ranging from energy consulting with tailor-made energy concepts to implementing measures such as photovoltaics, heat supply concepts, and the planning and installation of environmentally friendly lighting. In addition to its role as a power supplier, Lightcore collaborates with Deutsche Grünstrom Invest to generate revenue through green energy from renewable sources. Lightcore Energy Germany is highly consumer-oriented, providing clean energy in a way that sets it apart in the industry.

 When asked what services Lightcore offers, Fernando, in an interview, asserts that the company provides full services. “We provide not only green energy, but also sustainable gas, photovoltaic systems (self-planned and built) which include full service and maintenance from us, and last but not least, energy consulting. Because of that, we can offer the best conditions and advantages for every specific client.”

This energy consulting service includes comprehensively analyzing client load profile data and enhancing energy management. Choosing Lightcore-Energy Deutschland ensures its clients maintain a clear understanding of their consumption, staying constantly updated on their current load profile data. If they are keen on achieving optimal energy management and wish to analyze their load profile data, Lightcore-Energy is the way to go.

Lightcore-Energy distinguishes itself from traditional power generation companies through its innovative technologies and methodologies. One key aspect is energy logistics, where the company precisely gauges the energy requirements of its customers, considering factors such as time of day to optimize cost-effectiveness. Fernando boldly declares that “we know exactly how much and when our customer needs energy to run their company.” 

This bold declaration foregrounds their uniqueness. Additionally, Lightcore employs advanced energy storage systems to preserve solar-generated energy, ensuring a continuous power supply even without direct sunlight. In Fernando’s words, “the company also excels in coordinating logistics among various energy sources,” tailoring detailed plans for each client to receive ecologically clean power from diverse sources like photovoltaic systems and wind energy. For example, the founder explains that one customer can simultaneously get wind energy from Norway and energy from two or more different photovoltaic systems. Lightcore-Energy integrates combined heat and power plants, resembling block heating stations, which can seamlessly convert usable heat into electricity. This feature is particularly advantageous for establishments such as hotels and hospitals, as well as customers with substantial heating requirements. 

The biggest challenge for Lightcore, according to its founder, is the uncertainty caused by decisions made by politicians in the last two years. Another challenge the company is encountering is to maintain the stability of its power grid (50 Hz). In his words, “Without the nuclear power plants, we have a nearly uncalculatable situation. As you probably know, since April ’23, Germany’s last three atomic power stations have shut down. Unluckily, most of the energy we used to run our industry came from these. Germany can’t compensate with the renewable energy sources it has to offer. Photovoltaic doesn’t produce linear, nor does it do 24/7. It’s a great source to be mixed with other eco-friendly sources but not profitable enough to run our whole industry alone.”

In light of these challenges, Fernando hints that it is pertinent to explore new opportunities, “such as hydrogen, which is 100% eco-friendly, and the Cold Fusion, but the market has the challenge to develop technologies in order to use these possible new energy sources. Despite this, it distinguishes itself by being the only energy supply company that covers all areas. Again, they own a software company in which they have developed their own CRM software to deliver maximum services to consumers. 

Looking ahead to the future, Lightcore Energy is planning to initiate its first two photovoltaic projects in Bulgaria in the year 2024. Established in Florida in 2019, Lightcore Energy Inc., under the leadership of Fernando Correa, anticipates several innovations for 2024. Consumers are encouraged to stay informed, as more surprises are expected. It is evident that Lightcore Energy is not only a forward-thinking electricity provider but also a reliable partner in maximizing innovation trends in the energy sector.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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