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Rockwell Financial Solutions Unveils Spectacular “1% Event”: Igniting Hope and Empowering Springfield’s At-Risk Youth

Rockwell Financial Solutions Unveils Spectacular "1% Event": Igniting Hope and Empowering Springfield's At-Risk Youth
Photo: Unsplash.com

By: Rockwell Financial Solutions 

Springfield, MO – In an eagerly anticipated act of philanthropy, Rockwell Financial Solutions is gearing up for its annual “1% Event,” scheduled to take place on September 8th, 2024. This transformative initiative, designed as a catalyst for positive change, aims to bring hope and address critical issues faced by at-risk youth in the community, including academic challenges, fatherless households, and poverty.

The event, which aims to be a beacon of optimism for Springfield, is expected to host 150 attendees, with a notable 80% comprising at-risk youth. In an exemplary display of commitment to community reinvestment, Rockwell Financial Solutions, in collaboration with generous sponsors, is generously shouldering the majority of the event’s costs, underscoring the company’s dedication to making a tangible impact on the local community.

Forward-thinking owner of Rockwell Financial Solutions, Kyle Gardner, emphasized the event’s mission, stating, “Our objective is to change lives. We aim to reach those who need it the most, which is why at-risk youth are granted complimentary access to this transformative experience.”

In a strategic move to fortify the event’s financial foundation, Rockwell has made 10-20% of the tickets available for purchase. This approach allows those with the means to contribute financially to “pay it forward.” The proceeds from ticket sales are then reinvested into the event, ensuring its sustainability and amplifying its impact in the years to come.

What sets the 1% Event apart is its innovative “interview style” format. Departing from the conventional conference model, the event features real business owners sharing their experiences and insights in a conversational manner. Gardner expressed dissatisfaction with traditional conferences, noting, “Our speakers are real business owners who have faced challenges, stumbled, and built something tangible.”

This interview format provides an authentic and relatable platform for the speakers. Gardner emphasizes, “Our speakers don’t do this professionally; they may stutter or lose their train of thought. The interview style alleviates the pressure, making it like having a normal conversation. They don’t need to memorize a 30+ minute speech.”

In a conscious departure from the traditional conference ambiance, the 1% Event is curated to be a dynamic and entertaining experience. Attendees can expect an electrifying atmosphere complete with vibrant music, sparklers, smoke cannons, and an overall vivacious ambiance. The goal is to create an event that sharply contrasts with traditional conferences, where attendees often find themselves constantly checking the time.

Gardner remarks, “We want this event to be an experience, not just another conference. We don’t want people looking at their watches constantly; we want them engaged, entertained, and inspired. It’s about making a real impact and creating lasting memories.”

The 1% Event serves as a testament to Rockwell Financial Solutions’ unwavering dedication to community engagement and empowerment. By specifically targeting at-risk youth and providing them with access to invaluable insights from real business owners, Rockwell transcends the traditional role of event hosting, becoming a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those who need it the most. This event exemplifies Rockwell Financial Solutions as a driving force for change, instilling hope and empowerment within the Springfield community.

As the countdown to the 1% Event begins, anticipation builds in Springfield, with the community eagerly awaiting the transformative experience that Rockwell Financial Solutions promises to deliver. The event not only symbolizes a commitment to philanthropy but also serves as a shining example of how businesses can play a pivotal role in creating a lasting impact on the communities they serve. With its unique format, engaging atmosphere, and focus on at-risk youth, the 1% Event is poised to leave an indelible mark on Springfield, illuminating a path towards positive change and empowerment.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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