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Roccoco Botanicals Revolutionizes Skincare Market with Award-Winning Founder Jacine Greenwood Leading the Way

Roccoco Botanicals Revolutionizes Skincare Market with Award-Winning Founder Jacine Greenwood Leading the Way
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The founder of Roccoco Botanicals, Jacine Greenwood is an entrepreneur who demonstrates remarkable innovation, tenacity, and resilience. As an Australian brand, Roccoco Botanicals was recognized at the prestigious Alle Awards for Cosmetic Innovation in 2022, becoming the first Australian brand to achieve such an honor in the award’s 10-year history. In addition, Roccoco Botanicals has also been recognized on the Financial Times High Growth Asia Pacific lists in both 2022 and 2023 and the AFR Fast 100 List in 2021.

Roccoco Botanicals was inspired by the French Rococo style, known for its intricate designs and beauty. From humble beginnings, Roccoco Botanicals started as a consumer brand formulated in Jacine’s kitchen to address her children’s skin conditions. With a passion for creativity and cosmetic formulation, Jacine pioneered groundbreaking solutions for common skin issues by developing products that target previously untreatable conditions. 

As Roccoco Botanicals grew, it caught the attention of local professional estheticians and beauty therapists. Tapping into her expertise, Jacine expanded the range to create professional treatments and advanced herbal clinical treatments to meet the needs of beauty industry professionals.  The success of Roccoco Botanicals is a testament to her drive and determination.

Roccoco Botanicals Revolutionizes Skincare Market with Award-Winning Founder Jacine Greenwood Leading the Way

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Against all odds, having started Roccoco Botanicals with the funds from her divorce proceedings, Jacine has expanded the brand into a multimillion-dollar business in three countries. Her unique approach to business growth has, thus far, relied on word-of-mouth marketing, only starting paid ads in the past eight weeks.

“Your circumstances do not dictate what you are capable of. Only you are the one who determines how much you achieve and how far you go. Mindset is everything. Our thoughts repetitively become beliefs that determine our actions and results,” said Jacine Greenwood, Founder of Roccoco Botanicals.

Throughout her journey, Jacine has faced significant personal challenges that make her accomplishments even more inspiring. Despite dealing with nerve pain, chronic pain, and five spinal surgeries with fusion, Jacine persevered and contributed to her brand’s phenomenal growth. Reflecting on her personal struggles, Jacine shared, “My biggest challenge has been my own health. Chronic pain has the ability to make you lose focus and challenge your ability to function. Despite this, we learned ways of controlling my mind so I could focus for a few hours at a time so I could continue to work.”

As a leader in the skincare industry, Roccoco Botanicals continuously strives to create innovative solutions and fill voids within the market. “Before creating any new product, the brand always looks at how it can be different and provide value where it does not exist,” said Jacine.

Today, Roccoco Botanicals is proud to continue making award-winning and innovative skincare products at its manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia. Jacine envisions the brand to expand globally within a few years. Plans are in place to launch in Canada this year, and shortly after, in 2024, in the UK. The goal is to make the products available worldwide within the next five years. Additionally, there is an aspiration to share knowledge and teach other aspiring chemists about formulation.

For more information about Roccoco Botanicals’ innovative skincare solutions, visit the company website at RoccocoBotanicals.com. To sample or purchase these revolutionary skincare products, order online or visit its retail stores.

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