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PRNEWS.IO and Stripo Team Up to Advance Digital Content Creation and Distribution

Two leading digital marketing firms, PRNEWS.IO and Stripo, have joined forces. The first offers content distribution services, while the later specialises in crafting engaging email templates. For digital professionals, this partnership means primarily special discounts that will help expand budgets and enhance their strategies.

Impact by the Numbers:

  • The use of multichannel campaigns increases its effectiveness by up to 25%.
  • 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing. Partnering with PRNEWS.IO can increase your media presence by up to 30%, maximizing your investment.
  • With nearly 50% of all emails opened on mobile devices, Stripo’s responsive templates ensure optimal viewing on any device, potentially increasing mobile engagement by up to 60%. That’s why Stripo offers a 100% discount on the Basic Plan for 1 month for all PRNEWS.IO customers.
  • A coordinated strategy using both content marketing and email campaigns can lead to an increase in conversion rates by up to 6x when compared to standalone strategies. To add value for Stripo’s customers, PRNEWS.IO is opening up its PRO catalog for two months at no cost, providing a premium content experience.

The collaboration between PRNEWS.IO and Stripo is set to simplify things. Now, crafting and sending engaging content and emails just got easier, helping businesses focus on what they do best. 

When asked about the collaboration, Dmytro Kudrenko, Founder and CEO at Stripo, highlighted its significance:

My goal is to make email marketing more accessible for businesses and more useful for subscribers. That’s why we are excited to introduce a special promo code for Stripo’s services through PRNEWS.IO’s Rewards. This is more than a partnership; it’s an opportunity for businesses to revolutionize their email marketing strategies with Stripo.”

Businesses need seamless ways to create visually stunning, high-impact content and, equally, a channel through which they can guarantee the reach of this content to desired audiences. “By joining forces with Stripo, we’re translating savings into tangible benefits. We aim to offer rewards that genuinely enhance both your marketing approach and your budget. This partnership is about giving marketers a toolkit that’s both complete and easy to use.” — said Alexander Storozhuk, a member of the Forbes Business Council and founder of the PRNEWS.IO platform. 

More information regarding the Rewards Program, including its terms and conditions, can be found in the dedicated PRNEWS.IO’s Rewards section.

About Stripo

Stripo is an all-in-one platform designed for building any type of email quickly. It seamlessly integrates with over 80 ESPs and CRMs, allowing you to transfer emails directly into your marketing campaigns with a single click. Plus, with various embedded micro-tools, you have everything necessary for effective email design right at your fingertips.


PRNEWS.IO simplifies the seamless sharing of news and stories between companies and journalists, bloggers, and media outlets worldwide. Through its on-demand content marketing platform, businesses can directly purchase slots for their native format articles on over 100,000 reputable news websites across 198 countries, with no hiring process or long-term commitments.

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