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One Day in the Life of a Famous Newborn Photographer in New York

One Day in the Life of a Famous Newborn Photographer in New York
Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

My name is Kira Muchnyk, and I am a Ukrainian-born and Brooklyn-based newborn and family photographer brimming with creative ideas. Armed with a degree in newborn photography and a lot of experience studying in Italy and France, my journey into the enchanting world of newborn photography was sparked by the appearance of my own daughter. My goal is to create meaningful portraits and capture details that families will treasure forever.

Currently residing in New York, life here presents a stark contrast to any European city. The city never sleeps, and I revel in the vibrant rhythm of urban life. Living near the ocean fulfills my dream, and I treasure my moments spent strolling in Bryant Park, Dumbo, and SoHo, where you can meet so many different people and travelers around the world.

Now, let’s delve into the routine day of a newborn photographer in New York. My day kicks off at 6:45 in the morning as I wake up my little daughter and get her ready for daycare. Following that, a breakfast and a check of social media, where moms often reach out during their free moments at night. Then, it’s time for a photoshoot.

One Day in the Life of a Famous Newborn Photographer in New York

Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

Newborn photoshoots unfold in the morning, followed by a brief pause to prepare locations for older kids. During breaks, I engage with moms, discussing upcoming photoshoots, selecting locations, and addressing numerous questions. Every evening, I dedicate time to preparing locations for the next day, a meticulous process. Prior to each photoshoot, I mentally and emotionally prepare for the creative work ahead.

My goal is to evoke a range of emotions, from sheer joy and tenderness to a profound sense of wonder. Each photo is a narrative, weaving together the unique story of the family and the incredible journey of welcoming a new life.

Understanding the cultural diversity of New York, I tailor my approach to meet the unique preferences of each family. Some adore vibrant, colorful setups, while others prefer a more minimalist palette. Flexibility is key, ensuring each photoshoot is a personalized reflection of the family’s identity.

One Day in the Life of a Famous Newborn Photographer in New York

Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

A typical workday for a photographer unfolds. While some mornings may involve two newborn photoshoots, I usually conduct just one. Following the schedule, there is a standard children’s or family photoshoot. Post-processing is a crucial step in bringing out the best in each image. I employ a delicate touch, enhancing colors, refining details, and ensuring a cohesive, timeless aesthetic. It’s about accentuating the beauty without compromising the authenticity of the moment. Photo retouching takes approximately 2–3 weeks before the final images with high-resolution, ready-to-print, and post-final images are delivered to the parents.

My time is currently fully devoted to work, which is a fulfilling experience, given my passion for the job. Although more hours in a day would be welcomed, I am sure to find time for my daughter every evening. Each night is dedicated to my beloved child.

For updates on my photography work, follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kirakids.photography/). 

Together, let’s craft a unique photo story with your little one.


Published By: Aize Perez

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