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Making Big Business Dream Happen: Start Today with HL Yin’s ‘ist’ App

Making Big Business Dream Happen: Start Today with HL Yin’s ‘ist’ App
Photo Courtesy: Hachi Yin

Everyone harbors dreams that mirror their deepest desires and ambitions. For some, it’s about owning a home, driving their dream car, exploring their dream destinations, or starting a family. Yet, for others, the ultimate aspiration lies in entrepreneurship or the allure of being their own boss. This dream extends beyond merely enhancing income to mastering one’s schedule, making decisions on one’s terms, and shaping a life aligned with personal values and visions.

For Hachi Yin, a self-made entrepreneur who transitioned from a successful career in real estate development to an angel investor and founder of HL Yin, the journey is both a formidable challenge and a thrilling adventure. Having ventured into entrepreneurship at a young age, Hachi is intimately familiar with the entrepreneurial dream and now leverages his vast experience and influence to turn the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs into reality.

He believes that dreaming of owning a business is one thing, but actualizing that dream is an entirely different ballgame. Through his innovative ‘ist’ app, he introduces aspiring entrepreneurs to a world where their dreams are not confined to mere thoughts or notes on a pad but are brought to life with tangible opportunities and endless possibilities.

Strengthening the Big Idea

Every dream begins as a raw idea. In the business world, such ideas frequently emerge from an aspiring entrepreneur’s talents and skills or from identifying an unmet need in the market. Hachi emphasizes that refining this initial idea is crucial to turning it into a tangible reality. This process involves evaluating the idea’s feasibility, identifying the target market, and developing a comprehensive business model.

Recognizing the significance of sculpting and perfecting these ideas, Hachi’s ‘ist’ app offers entrepreneurs a unique platform to polish their concepts. With its 60-second pitching rule, the app challenges entrepreneurs to distill their ideas into concise, impactful presentations. 

Hachi asserts that one minute is enough for entrepreneurs to outline their business concept, articulate the problem it solves, and highlight its distinctions from the competition. This approach sharpens the idea and prepares entrepreneurs to communicate their vision effectively.

He adds, “This process encourages entrepreneurs to sit down and think about their ideas and how to improve them.”

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Needed Resources

Aside from the chance to hone their idea meticulously, Hachi’s ‘ist’ app also offers aspiring entrepreneurs the invaluable opportunity to be heard by connecting them with a network of high-profile investors. He acknowledges that financial constraints often prevent entrepreneurs from bringing their business visions to life. To solve this, the ‘ist’ app was designed to be a bridge that links a budding business idea with the essential financial resources needed for its realization. 

For Hachi, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with an equitable opportunity to be recognized and supported is paramount. He speaks from experience about the role of financial support in entrepreneurship, emphasizing that adequate funding is crucial for achieving business success and initially for getting ventures off the ground.

Hachi reflects, “We can’t deny that finances play a huge part in not just turning business into success but, first and foremost, to get it started. If I had the financial backing from the beginning, I’d probably be a zillionaire by now.”

From this experience, Hachi made it his goal to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential resources needed to begin and bolster their confidence. With the ‘ist’ app, entrepreneurs gain reassurance, knowing their ideas are worthy of attention and investment. This approach democratizes access to essential startup capital, making the entrepreneurial journey accessible and feasible for many.

Daring to Take The Bold Step

With the launch of the ‘ist’ app, aspiring entrepreneurs can now access all the resources they need to become the business owners they’ve dreamt of. However, the crucial step of initiating their journey and seizing their opportunities rests solely in their hands.

Hachi mentions, “Aspiring entrepreneurs are merely a step away from the most transformative moment of their lives. ‘ist’ app could very well be the catalyst they’ve been waiting for to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.”

The self-made entrepreneur is optimistic about the future, especially for those looking to launch their startups in 2024. For investors associated with HL Yin, this is a golden opportunity to uncover untapped ideas and transform them into new and flourishing ventures that will leave a mark in their industries. After all, this collaboration between aspiring entrepreneurs and visionary investors through the ‘ist’ app promises to foster innovation and drive significant advancements across various sectors.


Published By: Aize Perez

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