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LinkedIn Expert Adam Houlahan, Shares How To Maximize Your Presence Despite Ongoing Changes

Adam Houlahan
Photo Courtesy: Adam Houlahan

By: Whitefriar PR

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most utilized platforms for individuals looking to advance their professional careers. With over 1 billion users and three new members joining every second, It’s certainly an active place to be. It is also constantly changing its algorithms and features to help its users maximize the platform. This can make it very challenging for users to maximize their reach and results on the growing platform. That’s where Adam Houlahan comes in. With a career spanning over three decades, Adam Houlahan has mastered the art of making businesses thrive. While his strong business acumen and grit certainly are critical factors to his success, the number one skill he contributes to his success is the art of networking. That’s why he is currently focused on helping entrepreneurs and professionals leverage the power of networking on LinkedIn. Based on the principles in his bestselling book, “The Linkedin Playbook,” he is helping thousands of professionals around the world to achieve their goals. However, as LinkedIn continues to evolve, relying on organic techniques alone to grow your presence is becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why Houlahan is constantly studying and adapting his strategies to ensure his clients continue to achieve remarkable success. Here, he shares insights into the modifications he’s implementing to navigate LinkedIn’s changing landscape effectively.

Cultivate an Iconic Identity through High-Value Content

The first cornerstone of success, as Houlahan outlines, is a steadfast focus on building a personal brand and delivering high-value content. “What we are finding,” Houlahan explains, “is a significant increase in visibility for those who commit to a proven strategy centered around showcasing a very real identity.” This strategy is about more than just being visible; it’s about being seen in a niche, authoritative light. With LinkedIn’s shifting visibility algorithms, it’s crucial to activate specific aspects of your profile to ensure your expertise doesn’t go unnoticed. To dive deeper into crafting such high-value content, Houlahan is hosting a workshop on March 6th, aimed at those looking to elevate their LinkedIn presence. To aid professionals in this area, Houlahan is hosting a workshop on March 6th, aiming to provide practical tips on elevating one’s LinkedIn presence through strategic content creation.

Navigate the Platform: Free Accounts vs. Sales Navigator

Houlahan emphasizes the limitations of relying solely on LinkedIn’s free accounts for network expansion. “You simply can’t achieve the desired outcome with a free account,” he asserts, recommending a small monthly investment in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, priced at $99. This investment unlocks the potential to send up to 800 connection requests per month, compared to the meager ten allowed under the free plan. Connecting with the right people is a cornerstone of LinkedIn’s success, and Sales Navigator facilitates this process by enabling more extensive and targeted networking opportunities.

Building The Right Connections

Central to Houlahan’s strategy is the emphasis on making the right connections. While utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you achieve the maximum number of monthly connections, it’s essential to make sure that you are utilizing its features to connect with the right connections. 

“One of the key things is connecting with the right kind of people,” he states, stressing the importance of quality over quantity in your networking efforts. Through Sales Navigator, users can strategically target and connect with individuals who are most aligned with their business objectives, ensuring every connection made is a step toward tangible success.

More Information About Houlahan:

On March 5th, Houlahan invites professionals to join him for an in-depth exploration of these strategies. Interested individuals can find more details and register on the event page on LinkedIn, seizing the opportunity to transform their approach to networking on the platform. With Houlahan’s guidance, mastering LinkedIn’s complexities and turning them into opportunities for growth is within reach.

You can visit Houlahan’s LinkedIn account for more information.

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