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Entertainment Executive Ty Swaggalee Shares Business Endeavors That Will Shake Up Industry

Entertainment Executive Ty Swaggalee Shares Business Endeavors That Will Shake Up Industry
Photo Courtesy: Betting Horse Productions

Ty “Swaggalee” Scott, a man known for his many talents and entrepreneurial spirit, is on the move with exciting new projects on the horizon. From the creation of a groundbreaking streaming platform to partnerships with NFL mega-players, and even venturing into podcasting, Ty is pressing ahead with his unique brand of influential creativity.

Ty Scott has earned a reputation as a man with an ear for promising projects. His most recent endeavor attests to this fact yet again—LookHu, the first pan-African Netflix-style streaming service, boasts a staggering 11,000 titles thus far. Together with Byron Booker, and the LookHu team, they have successfully secured the licenses necessary to kickstart this milestone in Black entertainment. Staying true to his commitment to celebrate and elevate black voices, Ty hopes that LookHu will pave the way toward increasing the representation and visibility of the global Black community in the world of entertainment.

Not one to limit himself to a single industry, Ty is also making waves in the world of news production, signing off to produce and stream the upcoming fight between renowned sporting icons Shannon Briggs and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. This promising venture further highlights Ty’s dedication to delivering important and current information with an international perspective.

On top of these feats, Ty recently became a part of a significant partnership with one of his business partner’s,  Eric Brown, closing  a five-year deal with the NFL & Tribal Nation. Although specifics of the deal remain under wraps, those familiar with the vision and expertise of these two individuals anticipate another revolutionary venture.

Further expanding his portfolio, Ty has stepped into the world of talent management, securing partnerships, deals, and opportunities to propel his clients brands and careers.

Entertainment Executive Ty Swaggalee Shares Business Endeavors That Will Shake Up Industry

Photo Courtesy: Betting Horse Productions

In the arena of TV production, Ty produced a transgender-based TV show to the mainstream. This project, produced alongside entertainment icon Ray J, underscores Ty’s commitment to inclusion and representation in the media landscape.

Set to broaden his spheres of influence, Ty is starting a podcast. This venture, although shrouded in intrigue, is expected to be a creative outlet allowing a broader audience to connect with Scott’s unique perspectives.

A man of many surprises, Ty revealed that he’s written six books, all scheduled for release in the coming years. The first one, eagerly anticipated by fans, is set for release in the second quarter of 2024. With meditation being one of his daily non-negotiables, one can expect deep reflections and insightful anecdotes in his works, reflecting his journey and experiences.

Ty does not merely invest his time and resources into these projects; he invests his heart. This is strikingly evident in his ethos. “One of my non-negotiables in my daily routine is meditation. I always meditate,” Scott shares. This grounding practice informs the mindfulness and purpose that Ty brings to all his ventures.

Every step from Ty Scott promises to push boundaries. Whether it’s creating opportunities for underrepresented communities or expanding into uncharted waters, his endeavors reflect a man driven by passion, innovation, and purpose. As ty continues to shape his legacy, audiences worldwide eagerly await what he will bring next.

To keep up with Ty “Swaggalee” Scott’s ventures and milestones, visit www.tyswaggalee.com and follow @tyswaggalee on Instagram.


Published By: Aize Perez

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