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Dr. Alvin H. Crawford’s Homecoming and Continuing Legacy

Dr. Alvin H. Crawford
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Alvin H. Crawford

By: Lennard James  

In a heartening homecoming, Dr. Alvin H. Crawford, a distinguished figure in the medical field, returned to his alma mater, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine, on Monday, February 26. The occasion marked not only a celebration of his illustrious career but also a chance to give back to the community that served as the launching pad for his remarkable journey.  

A proud graduate of the College of Medicine in 1964, Dr. Crawford’s visit was a momentous event that brought together past, present, and future scholars. The highlight of the day included a book signing for his recently published autobiography, a presentation on his innovative research, and meaningful interactions with students eager to follow in his footsteps.  

Renowned as an expert in spinal deformities and neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder causing tumors in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, Dr. Crawford’s impact on the medical community is immeasurable. His recently retired role as the founding director of the Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center speaks volumes about his commitment to advancing healthcare for children.  

Dr. Alvin H. Crawford

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Alvin H. Crawford

As a Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Dr. Crawford’s influence extends beyond clinical expertise. His dedication to education and research has been a guiding light for countless students, shaping the future of medicine and inspiring a new generation of healthcare professionals.  

The celebration at the alma mater was not just a symbolic gesture but a tangible demonstration of Dr. Crawford’s commitment to nurturing the growth of medical knowledge and fostering connections within the academic community. The book signing, featuring his autobiography titled “The Bone Doctor’s Concerto,” allowed attendees to delve into the pages of his life, gaining insights into the challenges faced and victories achieved.  

The presentation on his research not only showcased the depth of Dr. Crawford’s contributions but also served as a platform for engaging discussions and the exchange of ideas. Students at Melrose High School where he graduated with top honors had the unique opportunity to interact with a living legend, bridging the gap between historical achievements and the promise of the future. 

 His distinguished figure in medicine began his extraordinary journey at Melrose High School in the historic Orange Mound neighborhood. A proud graduate of the Class of ’64, Dr. Crawford’s roots in this vibrant community shaped his path in the field. Melrose High School served as the crucible where his passion for education and medicine ignited, laying the foundation for a career. The historic significance of Melrose and Orange Mound infused resilience and determination into Dr. Crawford, influencing not only his personal narrative but also contributing to the broader tapestry of African American achievement in Memphis. 

Dr. Crawford’s journey from a 1964 graduate to a celebrated figure in the field of medicine is a testament to the transformative power of education and the impact one individual can have on an entire community. His commitment to returning to his roots and sharing his knowledge underscores the importance of giving back, inspiring the next generation to reach new heights and break barriers.  

As the echoes of Dr. Crawford’s visit linger within the halls of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine, they serve as a reminder that education is not only about acquiring knowledge but also about imparting wisdom, fostering growth, and building a legacy that withstands the test of time. 

While his current focus is to get Black men through medical school, and not simply entering medical school but to complete a medical degree an becoming practicing physicians.  

Dr. Alvin H. Crawford’s legacy is an indomitable force, etching up an inspiring tale of triumph over adversity. As the first Afro-American graduate from UT Medical in Memphis, his contributions to spinal deformities and neurofibromatosis research echo through generations. A beacon of excellence, his legacy transcends medical boundaries, shaping the future of healthcare.  

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