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Alexey Arestovich’s Enigmatic Journey: New York Living, Secrets of Departure, and a Pledge to Return Home

Alexey Arestovich's Enigmatic Journey: New York Living, Secrets of Departure, and a Pledge to Return Home
Photo Courtesy: Anna Olytska | Instagram: @anna_olitskaya

Former adviser to the Office of the President Alexey Arestovich is now in New York, USA. According to him, he lives in an apartment in the center near Central Park. However, Ukrainians are very interested in how he was able to leave Ukraine.

In a new interview, journalist Anna Olitskaya asked Alexey how he left Ukraine and whether he plans to return. According to Arestovich, he left legally, but how exactly is a “state secret.”

You can catch the entire interview on the Anna Olytska TV channel HERE.

Olitskaya tried to get a truthful answer. So she tried to clarify: “So there won’t be an explanation? As a volunteer, as a political figure, or with some mission? Or as a father of three children? But I know that my eldest daughter is already 19 years old.” She received a terse answer to her question.

Somehow, he left. Legal, of course. There were no problems at the border

– said Arestovich.

The politician assured that he is in the United States as an “independent expert on the Ukrainian issue.” According to him, his activities “had a certain involvement in ensuring that Ukraine was provided with the next tranche of assistance.”

Alexey plans to return to Ukraine but cannot say when because he still has some business in the European Union.

“I now have two more projects in Europe. When I close it, then I’ll go to Ukraine again, home. I want to go home.”

– emphasized the ex-adviser to the head of the President’s Office.

Arestovich bravely stated that neither criminal cases nor mobilization scares him.

Moreover, Arestovich’s wife also really wants to return to Ukraine. Because you need to live at home. However, projects in Europe do not implement themselves.

In an interview with Olitskaya, the odious Alexey Arestovich also tried to explain his phrase about “2 – 3 weeks,” which became a meme. The former adviser to the head of the President’s Office said that one of the frequent complaints he receives is that in the first weeks of the war, he allegedly lied about its imminent end to reassure Ukrainian society.

Oleksii Orestovych's Enigmatic Journey: New York Living, Secrets of Departure, and a Pledge to Return Home

Photo Courtesy: Anna Olytska | Instagram: @anna_olitskaya

“The famous 2-3 weeks were born from the fact that I was a member of the Istanbul negotiating group. I knew that in 2 to 3 weeks, there would be a meeting in Istanbul, and it would have to stop the war in general. And then there should have been a meeting between Zelensky and Putin. “All this was decided. The calendar existed. I knew what I was saying, and not because I was calming down with deception,” he explained.

He added that he knew precisely the calendar of meetings, and everything was heading towards the fact that the parties would reconcile and stop firing.

The ex-adviser to the head of the Presidential Office noted that he, as a military man, understood well what was happening, and then, after many events, he voiced a new forecast, saying that this war would last until 2035. At the same time, Arestovich clarified that he does not mean a Russian-Ukrainian war but a series of wars in the world where Ukraine will also be directly involved or strongly influenced by these wars.

Arestovich also told Olitskaya in an interview how much he earns from his YouTube channel and which of his sources of income is the most profitable.

“Thirty thousand dollars a month. Well, somewhere, plus or minus. Due to views,” said Arestovich, whose YouTube channel now has more than 1.7 million subscribers.

At the same time, he noted that his primary income comes from psychological seminars.

“I have students from more than 54 countries,” Arestovich said. According to him, 300-500 students now come to one of his classes.

When asked by Olitskaya whether his income was more significant when he participated in nightly broadcasts with Mark Feygin, Arestovich stated that Feigin received most of the income from viewing their standard broadcasts. “By the way, like money for merch. I didn’t receive a penny from the merch,” added Arestovich, saying that he did not consider this unfair.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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