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A Memorable Celebration in Times Square: Thiago Bartos’s New Book Launch

A Memorable Celebration in Times Square: Thiago Bartos's New Book Launch
Photo Credit: Leonardo Pereira

On February 21, 2024, Times Square was the scene of a memorable celebration, unlike any other – the launch of Thiago Bartos’s first book, “Você tem uma palavra.” This event transcended the norms of a typical book release, transforming into a magnificent spectacle on the luminous screens of Times Square, attracting attention from viewers around the world. Now recorded in literary and spiritual history, the event left an unforgettable mark on those who witnessed it.

Hailing from Rio Grande do Sul, Thiago Bartos emerged as a figure of multiple talents. As an evangelist, successful entrepreneur, and creator of the “À Mesa” project, his path to fame was marked by the profound impact he had on many lives. His “À Mesa” series, in particular, became beloved among a wide audience. Thiago’s engaging approach in discussing various themes, including faith, family, professional success, and spiritual callings, struck a deep chord with viewers. The series was unique in its blend of biblical teachings and Thiago’s personal faith experiences, showcasing his deep commitment to sharing his spiritual journey.

Thiago’s influence reached far beyond his digital platforms. With nearly 100,000 followers on social media and over 2.4 million views on his TikTok videos, he made a profound impact across different walks of life.

The centerpiece of this event was the book itself, “Você tem uma palavra (You Have a Word in Free Translation).” Moving away from traditional biographical or motivational genres, it offered readers an exhilarating journey through trials, triumphs, and extraordinary encounters with God. Thiago’s story began with his own challenging childhood and his father’s unwavering dedication, painting a vivid picture of familial love and resilience.

“Você tem uma palavra (You Have a Word in Free Translation)” connected deeply with readers. Each chapter resonated with relatable life situations, intertwined with valuable career advice and inspirational messages, reminding readers of their unique stories to share with the world.

The book’s release was celebrated not just in Brazil but was anticipated globally. Available in bookstores nationwide and on major online platforms, its message of hope, faith, and resilience reached a wide audience. The launch was more than an event; it was a celebration of faith, family, and the bond between father and son – both earthly and divine. Each page brought hope, faith overcoming doubt, and love transcending all barriers.

Thiago Bartos’s “Você tem uma palavra (You Have a Word in Free Translation)” became a literary sensation, inspiring generations and standing as a testament to the enduring power of faith in overcoming adversity. The event in Times Square in February 2024 marked the beginning of a remarkable journey for readers worldwide, touching hearts, souls, and spirits.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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