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A Community’s Role: Empowering Foster Children with Essential Life Skills

Empowering Foster Children with Essential Life Ski
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In the complex journey of a foster child, the community’s role is indispensable. Beyond the walls of the foster home, every one of us holds the potential to contribute significantly to the development and empowerment of these vulnerable children. Sharon Dunlevy, an experienced advocate in foster care and child welfare, not only highlights this need but actively spearheads efforts to address it. 

Sharon Dunlevy: A Tireless Advocate and Trainer

Sharon’s commitment to foster children extends beyond advocacy; she is deeply involved in practical training and education. As a sought-after speaker at foster-related events, Sharon brings to light the unique challenges and needs of foster children. Her speeches are more than informative; they are a rallying cry for action, drawing attention to often-overlooked aspects of foster care.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Sharon works closely with state agencies to train foster families. These training sessions are crucial, as they equip foster parents with the skills and knowledge necessary to nurture and support the children in their care effectively. Sharon’s programs delve into various aspects of caregiving, from understanding trauma’s impact on children to practical tips on managing day-to-day challenges.

Addressing Educational Gaps: A Crucial Research Endeavor

Perhaps one of Sharon’s most significant contributions is her in-depth research into the educational system’s failings concerning foster children. She is currently conducting a comprehensive study across all 50 states, focusing on how the educational system often falls short in accommodating the unique challenges faced by children in foster care. Her research is shedding light on a critical issue: the lack of consideration for how the trauma of foster care affects these children’s stability and ability to focus in school.

The Power of Community Involvement

Sharon’s work highlights that support for foster children requires a multifaceted approach. Here’s how you can be a part of this transformative effort:

  1. Volunteering for Tutoring and Mentoring Programs: Such programs are lifelines for foster children, offering both educational support and the stability of adult guidance.
  2. Offering Job Shadowing and Internships: Businesses can provide invaluable real-world experiences, helping foster children understand various career paths and develop professional skills.
  3. Community Programs and Workshops: Local organizations, including churches and schools, can host workshops focusing on practical life skills, which are essential for foster children’s independent living.
  4. Supportive Networks for Foster Families: By building support groups for foster parents, the entire community can play a role in the wellbeing of foster children.
Empowering Foster Children with Essential Life Skills

Photo Courtesy: Sharon Dunlevy

Join the Movement: Be a Part of Revolutionizing the Foster Care System

Are you inspired to make a difference? Sharon Dunlevy is leading the way, and she invites you to join her in this crucial mission. To learn more, visit her website and delve into her extensive work on her blog. If you’re interested in contributing directly or seeking personalized advice, reach out to Sharon on LinkedIn to keep up with her latest initiatives and insights.

Your involvement, whether as an educator, a business professional, a volunteer, or a policymaker, can have a transformative impact on the lives of foster children. Together, under Sharon’s guidance, we can equip these young individuals with the skills and confidence they need to thrive as successful, independent adults. Join us in this vital movement.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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