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Where to Find Support After Being Charged with a White Collar Crime

Where to Find Support After Being Charged with a White Collar Crime
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The aftermath of a white collar crime charge can be a tumultuous period filled with uncertainty, fear, and isolation. Individuals find themselves navigating a complex legal system while dealing with the personal and professional fallout of their actions. In this challenging time, finding genuine support and guidance is crucial to facing the legal battle ahead and preparing for the future. One beacon of hope and assistance is the White Collar Support Group™, hosted by the non-profit Progressive Prison Ministries, the world’s first ministry dedicated to serving individuals prosecuted for white-collar crimes and their families.

Founded in 2016 by Jeff Grant, an ordained minister and white-collar attorney, and his wife, Lynn Springer, the White Collar Support Group™ was born out of a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those involved in white-collar crimes. Grant, who has navigated the journey from being charged, serving time, to rebuilding his life, co-founded the group to fill a void — offering both spiritual and practical support for individuals in similar situations. Since its inception, the group has grown significantly, hosting its 400th meeting in February 2024, and has supported over 900 participants from around the globe, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Israel, South America, and the Caribbean.

What sets the White Collar Support Group™ apart is its approach to healing and rebuilding. The group operates on the principle of shared experience, mutual support, and confidentiality. Weekly meetings are held online, making them accessible to a wide audience and providing a platform for participants to discuss various topics critical to their journey — such as preparing for prison, family dynamics, financial management, and career rebuilding, among others.

This support group emphasizes the importance of not facing these challenges alone. By fostering a community of individuals who understand what it means to be justice-impacted, the group helps mitigate the feelings of isolation and despair that often accompany white-collar crime charges.

The impact of the White Collar Support Group™ and Progressive Prison Ministries has been recognized in national and regional media, highlighting its role as a vital resource for individuals and families navigating the complexities of the white-collar criminal justice system. In addition to weekly support group meetings, the ministry offers a wealth of resources through its blog and the White Collar Week podcast, featuring discussions with experts, and providing insights and guidance on a wide range of topics relevant to the community.

While some may consider hiring a prison consultant, the White Collar Support Group™ offers a compelling alternative. Rather than focusing solely on the logistics of preparing for prison, this group addresses the broader emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of facing a white-collar charge. It encourages participants to share their experiences, learn from others who have walked the same path, and find ways to reinvent their lives positively.

For those facing the daunting reality of a white-collar crime charge, the White Collar Support Group™ represents a critical source of support and community. Interested individuals can join the group’s meetings by registering through the Progressive Prison Ministries website at prisonist.org/contact. In the journey towards accountability, healing, and reinvention, no one needs to walk alone.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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