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Wall Street Men and Male Plastic Surgery: Dr. Steinbrech’s ‘The Forbes Facelift’

Wall Street Men and Male Plastic Surgery: Dr. Steinbrech’s ‘The Forbes Facelift’
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Steinbrech

For over a decade, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has honed a facelift technique amongst men known as ‘The Forbes Facelift.’ As you may have guessed, this facelift technique focuses on the areas of a man’s face that tend to age first. By mitigating aging, a man’s features can look much more distinguished, making the male patient look more attractive. Dubbed ‘The Forbes Facelift,’ the facelift technique has been one of the most requested approaches for facelifts performed on Dr. Steinbrech’s patients. After all, successful men’s work’s toll may show on their appearances.

Wall Street Men and Male Plastic Surgery practices have developed a symbiotic relationship over the last decade. As the men running Wall Street continue to weather the country’s economic ebb and flow, they can find solace at Male Plastic Surgery offices. These offices serve as their saving grace, allowing them to take what little time they have to circle back to their physical appearance. 

Historically, wealthy men have been heavyset, silver-haired, and wrinkly – until recently. Since Dr. Steinbrech opened his practice on Park Avenue in New York City a decade ago, he’s chipped away at the number of men contributing to this disproportionate stigma associated with wealth by addressing the cosmetic desires of the men who have been curious and willing to undergo cosmetic surgery. 

Ten years ago, the number of patients coming to Dr. Steinbrech accounted for less than 10% of plastic surgery patients globally. Today, this percentage of male patients has nearly tripled, and Dr. Steinbrech’s results have had positive effects on his patients’ confidence and their peers. Such a significant uptick in men looking to undergo plastic surgery is not a mystery when considering such results.

Wealthy men no longer need to look old because Dr. Steinbrech is committed to addressing men’s aesthetic desires, ultimately opening the door for innovation in plastic surgery.

Dr. Steinbrech has three private practices in New York City, Beverly Hills, and Chicago, serving exclusively male patients. Today, there is no longer a mystery surrounding the glow-up of wealthy men.

Dr. Steinbrech is known for:

  • Procedures for male models focus on sharpening the jawline, cheekbones, and nose to accentuate the facial features subtly. This modality also focuses on the abs, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and beyond.
  • Procedures for bodybuilders focus on the areas of the body that may not respond well to exercise, such as the glutes, chest, and more, to create a more muscular appearance.
  • Procedures for the dad-bod have become compared to the Mommy-Makeover. A Daddy-Do-Over focuses on the areas of the body that may get neglected during fatherhood and maximizes confidence.

As mentioned above, procedures for boardroom executives are increasingly becoming popular. Men who desire to look and feel better while maintaining their position as successful entrepreneurs can benefit tremendously from Dr. Steinbrech’s striking approach.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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