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Unlocking Potential: A Deep Dive into Francesco Vitali’s “Message for Success”

Francesco Vitali
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Message for Success is a book by Francesco Vitali, a renowned serial entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of experience. The book aims to inspire readers daily to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.

The book is a daily guide filled with famous quotes from influential worldwide leaders. Vitali has carefully selected these quotes, drawing from his routine of seeking motivation and inspiration from successful leaders’ words. By incorporating these quotes into the readers’ daily lives, the book intends to empower individuals and keep them on track toward their goals.

We have the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Francesco Vitali. Last Sunday, I met him in his favorite spot, The Belvedere, at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. Holding his book, I introduced myself and asked him to sign my copy. He signed the book and was very calm and polite with cosmopolitan European manners.

Have you read it?” he asked me, smiling.

I read it; honestly, when I wake up, it is the first thing I do. I open and read the quote of the day randomly. It is impressive the whole concept idea. Having worldwide leaders’ business quotes for each day is a valuable treasure. How did you get with this idea, and why now after so many years in business?

The selection process for the quotes in “Message for Success” was meticulous and meaningful. I have chosen quotes from influential leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and change-makers for my daily inspiration as my morning ritual for many years. Since this method was very manifesting and positive for me, it could be for anyone who wants to succeed in business. The intention behind choosing these quotes was to resonate deeply with readers, provoke introspection, and inspire action. The book’s quotes catalyze personal and professional growth, helping readers overcome challenges, embrace their unique potential, and move closer to success. After many years in business and making millions of mistakes, I needed to share my experience with the next generation of aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Message for Success

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When you say “Millions of mistakes,” you say it in a way that you take pride in these. Why? Usually, incredibly respectful business people like you promote and write about success flashing their achievements, not “failure and mistakes.” Why do you “advertise” your “Million Mistakes”?

Well, first of all, I wouldn’t say I like flashing achievements and wealth in a world that is suffering to survive. I don’t want to show off; I met uncountable millionaires and billionaires throughout my career who are genuinely humble and down to earth. People with power and genuine wealthy people don’t flash their wealth. Dedicate their time to helping people instead. I love all of my failures and mistakes. If you have the right mindset, you realize that failure and mistakes are not the end but stepping stones to success. Through our failures, we gain invaluable lessons, resilience, and the determination to rise again, more robust and wiser than before. I learn to embrace failure as a necessary part of the journey, for it holds power to propel us toward greatness.

On the other hand, I’m trying to explain that if someone is smart, learning from other people’s mistakes. And when I see especially young people making the same mistakes I did multiple times, I feel to help and explain, ‘Don’t do that, I did that, and I know the outcome. You can do this instead and avoid the same mistakes I made.’ That will make you smarter and help you succeed faster.

“Message for Success” emphasizes the importance of motivation and action working together. Why is being motivated and inspired not enough?

Motivation is the spark that ignites the fire within individuals, fueling their ambition and inspiring them to dream big. To be motivated, inspired, and manifest is crucial, but still, you MUST do the work. Motivation must be accompanied by intentional action. Taking tangible steps towards goals and aspirations is what turns motivation into reality. The book highlights the inseparable partnership between motivation and effort on the journey to success, reinforcing and complementing each other.

Visualizing yourself with millions doesn’t mean you will achieve millions. That is a significant mistake people make. I imagine myself skinny. More is needed. I am visualizing myself through the process and step by step to achieve my goal and do the job.

But do you still believe manifestation is essential to succeed in business and life?

There is a distance between What I want and what I have. It is the distance you need to manifest. It is the connection between the 2 points.

So first, you GIVE permission, and then you follow the PATH.

Visualizing the step is the bridge between the wish and the actual goal.

You can’t just visualize yourself with an Oscar in your hand and believe you will get an Oscar. Period. That is bulls. But imagining the steps that lead you to the Oscar, you motivate yourself, manifest yourself to do the work, and you’ll GET this Oscar after you DO the work!

Manifestation properly is to PREPARE your body, mind, and spirit to do the work. Manifesting leads you to actions, and only through effort will you get the desired results. Visualizing “you are doing it” lowers the resistance that leads you to the act of doing it.

You got to SEE it, but then you have to do it.

While “Message for Success” is designed to resonate with individuals in all spheres of life, it mainly caters to those in the business world.

Correct. I don’t want to give Life advice. I’m probably the worst person for that (Laughing). I know the business and like to help people to succeed in business. To succeed in life is more complicated and differs from person to person, after all. Business is accessible, but life is not (laughing).

Some people need help to succeed in business. Why do you claim that it is easy?

Because success is as easy and it only takes three things in order. Researching, Capital, and Execution. As simple as that in this exact order.

My book helps people understand my method. “Message For Success” touches on essential aspects such as leadership, resilience, creativity, and self-belief, which are integral to entrepreneurial and professional success. By assimilating these principles into their daily lives, readers can develop a growth mindset, navigate challenges, and unlock their true potential. The ultimate goal of “Message for Success” is to inspire readers to incorporate the book into their daily routines as a powerful ritual of reflection and motivation. Reading a quote daily, reflecting on its meaning, and applying the wisdom to their lives, readers can experience personal and professional transformation over time. This book is a tool to ignite ambition, drive, and self-belief daily, leading readers towards a business life of significance and fulfillment. We need to understand one thing.

Every day is our chance to learn, grow, and be grateful. People forget to be thankful.

So in a new generation of young entrepreneurs trying to be the next “billionaire,” what advice do you give?

First of all, young people need to understand the reality. Not all of us will be the next Bezos, the next Buffett, or the next Zuckerberg. And it is OK. Nothing wrong with that. We do not need a world with millions of billionaires (laughing). Could you imagine how boring it will be? We need a world with better business, a lot of Art, good technology, Human rights, and a world without poverty.

Embrace a growth mindset by approaching your journey with a mindset focused on continuous learning, adaptability, and personal growth. See challenges as opportunities for development and view failure as your bridge to success. Pursue your passion and find a venture that aligns with your passions and interests. Building a successful business requires dedication and perseverance, and it becomes easier when you genuinely love what you do.

“Message for Success” by Francesco Vitali is a transformative book that offers daily inspiration and motivation through carefully selected quotes from influential leaders. It encourages readers to combine motivation with intentional action, empowering them to unlock their potential and achieve remarkable success in various aspects of life, including the business world.

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