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Renowned motivational speaker Les Brown has left an indelible mark on many, and Earl Waller is no exception. In a recent interview, Waller shared insights into his experience as a mentee of the legendary Les Brown, shedding light on the profound impact on his approach to public speaking.

Waller expressed deep admiration for Brown’s motivational prowess, emphasizing his ability to connect with and inspire others. “Les Brown has always been someone I’ve looked up to as a motivator,” Waller stated. “His storytelling and real-life experiences resonate much deeper than just words. Being a mental health advocate, I’ve incorporated some of his techniques to drive home my message and empower lives.”

The journey as Les Brown’s mentee has proven rewarding for Waller, shaping not only his speaking skills but also influencing his future as a motivational speaker. “I’m looking forward to what the future holds both under his tutelage and as a motivational speaker myself,” Waller remarked, highlighting the transformative nature of this mentorship.

Looking ahead to 2024, Waller is brimming with excitement about the opportunities that lie on the horizon. His goals include expanding his reach through various platforms, collaborating on impactful projects, and creating digital resources focused on mental well-being. These endeavors align seamlessly with his mission of promoting open conversations around mental health.

Waller sees these opportunities not just as professional milestones but as contributors to his personal growth. “Personally, these opportunities will fuel my commitment to ongoing learning, foster resilience, and contribute to a supportive community,” he shared. The anticipation of making a positive impact drives Waller’s enthusiasm for the journey that lies ahead, foreseeing both personal and professional growth.

For those aspiring to financial success and client growth through effective communication and speaking engagements, Waller offers valuable strategies. “Focus on clear messaging that resonates with your audience,” he advises. “Share relatable stories, tailor your approach to their needs, and position yourself as an authority. Consistent online presence, providing value, and a compelling call-to-action are key elements for success.” Waller emphasizes the importance of actively networking, seeking feedback, and investing in ongoing professional development. These strategies, he believes, foster trust, connection, and success in both financial and client-oriented endeavors.


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As 2023 draws to a close and a new year filled with possibilities approaches, Waller shares a compelling message of inspiration. “Embrace the journey, believe in your resilience, and focus on progress, not perfection,” he encourages. His advice includes setting realistic goals, celebrating small victories, and cultivating a mindset of gratitude. Waller urges individuals to surround themselves with positivity, find inspiration in everyday moments, and let the journey of self-discovery be their greatest source of motivation and inspiration.

Keep an eye out for Earl Waller in an upcoming NBC segment, where he continues to inspire and encourage his community of supporters. Never underestimate the power of mentorship, and the inspiration that comes from embracing one’s unique path. As Waller navigates the realms of motivation and mental well-being, his journey serves as a guide for those seeking their own paths to success and fulfillment in the coming year.

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