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The Most Unique Giant Basket Building: The Keranjang Bali

The Most Unique Giant Basket Building- The Keranjang Bali
Photo Courtesy: thekeranjangbali.com

The Bali Basket is a remarkable architectural masterpiece resembling a colossal, one-of-a-kind basket. Its unique design, adorned with intricate barong decorations, captivates the public’s attention.

Introducing The Basket Bali

Bali boasts numerous tourist attractions, and among them stands a truly distinctive edifice known as The Basket Bali. Situated in the prime area of Bali, a mere 5-minute drive from Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali Airport, this monumental structure leaves visitors in awe.

The Keranjang Bali, a concept store that showcases authentic Balinese products, is nestled within The Basket Bali. Here, visitors can indulge in the allure of Balinese craftsmanship and creativity. Let’s delve into the enchanting details.

Established in 2019, The Keranjang Bali is renowned for its extraordinary basket-shaped building, a true marvel in Bali. With four floors brimming with experiential spaces, fashion items, souvenirs, culinary delights, and offices, The Keranjang Bali offers an unparalleled shopping experience.

What Awaits Inside The Basket Bali

Distinguished from conventional souvenir centers, The Keranjang Bali presents an exhilarating concept of immersive experiences and Bali-themed attractions on its fourth floor.

Upon entering the fourth floor, visitors are greeted with the Tridatu Bracelet Experience. The Tridatu Bracelet, adorned with three sacred colors, holds deep significance in Balinese culture. This area offers a range of bracelets, each representing unique personality traits.

Next, visitors can explore the thematic spots of Jimbaran Beach and Lovina Beach, where iconic stuffed sea animals, including dolphins, are on display. Continuing the journey, one encounters the Monkey Forest spot and Kintamani, immersing oneself in the essence of nature.

Immerse in the experience of savoring Balinese coffee amidst the backdrop of artificial rice terraces. After rejuvenating with coffee, indulge in aesthetic delights like Chocolate World, traditional musical instrument play, feeding koi fish at the Antun Bridge, and a vibrant Candy World adorned with an array of colorful sweets.

Following a stroll through the aesthetic spots, visitors will discover areas rich in Balinese culture, such as Pojok Ayu. Here, visitors can rent and adorn themselves in traditional Balinese attire. Additionally, capture unforgettable moments against the backdrop of beautifully arranged pottery installations and engage in pottery painting activities.

What Sets The Basket Bali Apart

What distinguishes The Keranjang Bali from other souvenir destinations is its collection of uniquely Balinese, high-quality fashion products. Among the best-selling items is the Solar Active T-shirt, featuring contemporary barong artwork that changes color when exposed to sunlight.

Furthermore, The Keranjang Bali offers a range of beachwear in various trendy and casual styles. The fabrics are soft and perfect for a day at the beach or everyday wear.

For those seeking practical Balinese souvenirs, the Compressed T-shirt is an ideal choice. These mini, uniquely packaged shirts expand when exposed to water, making them an efficient and space-saving option.

Another remarkable fashion product to consider as a souvenir is the Glow In The Dark T-shirt, along with collaborative collections featuring renowned local artists.

On the third floor of The Keranjang Bali, visitors can explore the meticulously arranged Balinese souvenir area, featuring accessories, sandals, home decor, customized surfboards, and other intriguing local products.

The food area offers a delightful culinary journey through Bali’s popular delicacies. Indulge in the delectable Milk Pie, available in various flavors and at prices that suit every budget. Don’t miss out on the Banana Cake, a specialty of The Keranjang Bali, known for its enticing aroma and delicious original, chocolate, and cheese flavors. Additionally, discover a variety of bundled promotions on disco nuts, Balinese coffee, Balinese salak, and other typical Balinese snacks, making souvenir shopping economical and enjoyable.

What Makes The Basket Bali Truly Unique

Apart from its distinctive architecture, The Basket Bali’s allure lies in its expansive space, offering ample opportunities to explore the wonders of Bali. Visitors can embark on educational tours about Bali or simply indulge in its cultural richness. Fear not, as The Keranjang Bali provides massage chair facilities for relaxation when fatigue sets in.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy various public amenities, such as places of worship, dining establishments, and spacious parking, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience.

Fascinating Details About The Keranjang Bali Building

One of the most exciting moments before or after shopping at The Keranjang Bali is capturing unforgettable photos in front of the iconic giant basket building. Standing at an impressive height of 15.4 meters and spanning 58 meters in width, this architectural masterpiece leaves a lasting impression.

The facade of The Keranjang Bali is adorned with intricate Karang Boma ornaments, resembling the majestic head of a bird. These ornate decorations add a touch of elegance to the structure, further enhancing its unique charm.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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