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Sarah Sun Liew: Leading Change in Investing, Legal Services, and Beyond

Sarah Sun Liew: Leading Change in Investing, Legal Services, and Beyond
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In the vast expanse of entrepreneurship and innovation, few names resonate with as much multifaceted expertise and commendable dedication as Dr. Sarah Sun Liew. A figure of substantial influence in investing and legal services, Dr. Liew has seamlessly blended her diverse roles as an educator, pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and CEO to make a tangible impact across various sectors. Her journey from the academic echelons of South Korea to the bustling entrepreneurial landscape of the United States is not just a testament to personal growth but a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Born into a family celebrated for its contributions to education, politics, defense, and medicine in An-dong, South Korea—a town known for its scholarly heritage—Dr. Liew was destined to leave her mark on the world. Her early exposure to diverse professional environments in Korea laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors. Moving to the United States at 24 marked the beginning of an illustrious career that would span over three decades and touch countless lives.

Sarah Sun Liew: Leading Change in Investing, Legal Services, and Beyond

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Dr. Liew’s educational journey is nothing short of remarkable. With Doctoral degrees in business administration focusing on international trade, e-commerce IT, and finance from Pacific State University, coupled with two post-doctoral degrees in biblical preaching and Christian sales & marketing from Newburgh College, her academic credentials are impressive. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge took her through prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate Education School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School, Wharton Business School, MIT, and Chicago University, where she further honed her skills in leadership principles, law, public policy and entrepreneurship.

Throughout her career spanning over 30 years in real estate alone, Dr. Liew has demonstrated unparalleled prowess as an investor and broker while founding numerous companies that offer comprehensive services ranging from real estate legal services to investment immigration support. But it doesn’t end there; she’s also made significant strides in fintech since 1996 by establishing pioneering companies like NPC, Vantiv, and Wordpay by FIS, which have become leaders in credit card processing.

Beyond her ventures into investing and legal services lies Dr. Liew’s unwavering commitment to community service—a trait deeply ingrained by her early experiences as an educator and pastor back home. Through her nonprofit organizations like Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., she extends support not only to small business owners but also addresses broader societal issues by championing education reform.

Her political aspirations reflect a genuine desire for systemic change founded on integrity, justice, and equal opportunity for all—values that guide both her professional undertakings and philanthropic efforts.

As the world navigates through an era marked by rapid technological advancements fraught with challenges ranging from data security threats to ethical dilemmas surrounding AI deployment—voices like Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s echo louder than ever before, calling for responsible innovation while ensuring equitable access to resources.

Moreover, Dr. Liew’s active presence across social media platforms underscores the importance of leveraging technology not just for economic gain but also for fostering informed communities capable of critical engagement with pressing global issues.

Whether it’s leading projects or advocating for robust election integrity measures—her diverse body of work encapsulates a relentless pursuit towards creating sustainable ecosystems that nurture talent, empower entrepreneurship, foster transparency, and uphold democratic values globally.

As readers digest this narrative, one cannot help but be inspired by such an individual whose life work transcends conventional boundaries, merging academia, industry, philanthropy, and politics harmoniously, demonstrating what is truly possible when passion meets purpose underpinned by unwavering commitment, making a positive impact on society large.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s initiatives or get involved, please visit www.sarahsenator.org or connect via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to witness firsthand how visionary leadership coupled with a profound sense of civic duty can indeed shape a better tomorrow for everyone.


Published By: Aize Perez

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