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ROLA.ai Debuts Predict2Earn, Answer and Earn Features in the Philippines

ROLA.ai Debuts Predict2Earn, Answer and Earn Features in the Philippines
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The worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrency as an alternative mode of payment and the adoption of a decentralized web3 to replace the current internet as we know it has given rise to several projects, crypto coins, and NFT. With the number of projects rising daily, it is essential to note the projects that offer something new, unique and exciting in the form of reward for investors and potential holders. As a crypto community platform, ROLA.ai meets all of these criteria, and what makes it even more impressive is that it was developed in the Philippines. 

ROLA.ai, the first-of-its-kind crypto community platform, debuted ground-breaking Web3 features in the Philippines. At an interactive event at Revel at The Palace in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, crypto enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals gathered to explore the future of crypto engagement.

ROLA.ai, created by a group of visionary pioneers, integrates with the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 landscape by combining a social media platform, gaming interface, Metaverse features, NFTs, and an advanced AI algorithm, providing an all-encompassing experience for users with varying levels of crypto knowledge.

Rosalind Lee, the Chief Product Officer at ROLA, stated, “ROLA is not only a platform, but a movement focused on community. We want to create an environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and reap the benefits of crypto.”

ROLA.ai, which emphasizes inclusivity, intends to break through the barriers that are frequently associated with the crypto industry. Predict2Earn, its flagship feature, rewards users with $ROLA tokens for correctly forecasting crypto market movements, fostering a collaborative learning area, and democratizing access to cryptocurrency.

Lee further emphasizes, “We wanted to add an element of gamification to our platform, making it more interactive and exciting. The Predict2Earn feature allows users to earn rewards while enhancing their market forecasting skills.

Another cutting-edge feature is ROLAverse, which combines Metaverse elements like games and NFTs to promote social engagement and teamwork. Besides basic financial indicators, ROLA.ai provides its users with an exciting, decentralized, and distinctive experience.

Upcoming features that ROLA.ai disclosed include “Answer & Earn” with Language Setting, which enables users to translate content into English for accessibility around the globe. Answer & Earn is still strong, with over 2.8 million monthly interactions.

In addition, to introducing Mocha—a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that enables blockchain messaging—ROLA.ai is celebrating achieving 100,000 active members. With blockchain messaging, messages are securely disseminated throughout the network.

Without a doubt, ROLA.ai is a breath of fresh air in the crypto and NFT space, not only because of its exciting offers but mostly because it is one of the pioneer crypto platforms that are friendly and easy to use for users of varying levels of experience. ROLA.ai is also a testament to the abundance of creativity and innovation coming out of the Philippines and evidence of more to come.

For more information and updates, please visit their website or follow ROLA on Twitter for more information and updates.

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