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One28 LLC Transforms the Club Scene Globally

One28 LLC
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The next time you go to the club, don’t forget to bring your phone. With One28 App, requesting your favorite songs to the DJ is a reality that has been made possible.

Since June 2022, when the song request app One28 first debuted at MK Club in Monte Carlo, partygoers have been using it to submit their requests – in turn creating euphoric and memorable moments when their favorite songs are played. One28 has over 4000 DJs on their platform taking requests from their audience. The world’s nightlife scene may be undergoing a revolution of sorts, one led by an app that bridges the gap between DJ’s and their audiences. 

One28 is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Adrien Crastes. A former Division One tennis player and Mathematics major at Bucknell University. He now divides his time between studying actuarial mathematics at Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances and running One28. One28’s COO, Alexandre Coyette, has an expansive network of DJ’s and Venue owners throughout Europe which has led the app to be introduced and gain momentum throughout the continent. Toma Bardawil, One28’s CFO, has over 10 years of experience in the venture capital industry, creating a strong financial foundation for the company. Other members of the team include Jackson MacDonell; Director of One28 in America and Thomas Bartoli, who is the director of One28 in Europe. One28’s CTO is Marcus McCallum.

“I saw the need for a more optimal way to request songs for both the audience and the DJ. There should be no need to experience the inconvenience of the audience intruding the boundaries of a DJ’s physical space and DJ’s should receive proper incentive to want to communicate with the audience during their set,” says Adrien.

Thus the name, One28. Adrien explains that 128 beats per minute is the BPM of adrenaline and pleasure – the exact feeling evoked when hearing your favorite songs. 

The right song can mean the difference between going home early and having a wonderful time.

With One28, partygoers are able to browse parties around them and see if the music fits their taste and then directly communicate with the DJ via their phone. In order to request a song, DJs set a minimum requesting price where the audience can pay to play songs of their choice. Song requests are all submitted through the One28 User App or WebApp and received on the One28 DJ App.

The DJ keeps control of what is played. If a song is accepted, the requestor will have the pleasure of hearing it played. If it is denied, the pending charge is canceled instantly and the user can submit a different request. DJs have 30 minutes to accept and play the request before it expires and the charge gets canceled and instantly refunded

One28 says that the app has proved to be popular among DJs. Lucky Kuzco, DJ and One28 Ambassador, states: “The app creates a peaceful interaction with our audience in an environment that is typically chaotic and showered with inconveniences, such as people shoving money in your face, rudely interrupting your set, and so forth. Having the requests easily visible on the app allows me to concentrate on my set without interruptions and gives me complete control of what I’d like to play all while taking audience members to their peak when their request matches the vibe.”

One28 LLC expanded to 46 countries and continues to expand their areas of operation. Their ambition is clear: to become the world’s one and only song request app.

Their ultimate goal is for everyone who goes to a club to have an even better time. “It really does come down to hearing the right music,” Adrien states. “When your song comes on, that’s what makes your night special. With One28, you can now easily tell the DJ exactly what you want to hear, and that can make any night far more memorable.”

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