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Navigating the World with Joe Bayfield and Alex Koumi of Shall We Go Home Travel

Navigating the World with Joe Bayfield and Alex Koumi of Shall We Go Home Travel
Photo Credited to: Shall We Go Home Travel

In a world where wanderlust is a common affliction, few have managed to transform their dreams into reality quite like Joe Bayfield. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Joe, along with his partner Alex Koumi, founded “Shall We Go Home Travel,” a brand that has become synonymous with adventure, exploration, and invaluable travel insights.

The Birth of Shall We Go Home Travel

Their story began in 2014 when Joe and Alex embarked on their first backpacking adventure through South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The experience was transformative, opening their eyes to the profound joy of travel. Yet, as they returned to their jobs in the bustling city, the nagging feeling that a two-week vacation once a year just wasn’t enough for them persisted.

It took five years for them to take the leap of faith. In April 2019, Joe and Alex quit their jobs, deciding to turn their passion for travel into a lifestyle. Their journey began in Los Angeles, and from there, they crossed the border into Mexico, where they would spend the next five months. They flew to Ecuador, and their adventure continued as they explored Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and even took a brief detour to Rio for Carnival.

Their journey was marked by not just the wonders of South and Central America but also the life-changing experiences that come with long-term travel. However, their adventure was unexpectedly cut short by the Covid-19 crisis, forcing them to return home after twelve months on the road.

The Mission of Shall We Go Home Travel

Upon their return, Joe and Alex saw an opportunity to channel their experiences and insights into a mission: to become the number one go-to blog for backpackers heading to South and Central America. Their passion for travel and their firsthand experiences in the region uniquely position them to offer valuable advice, tips, and inspiration to fellow adventurers.

Overcoming Challenges

Their journey has not been without its share of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic threw a curveball that tested their resilience. Yet, they persevered, using the time at home to work tirelessly on their blog and Instagram presence, making it a trusted resource for backpackers.

Another obstacle they faced was entering a saturated travel publishing market. However, their authentic, hands-on approach and intimate knowledge of the places they write about set them apart from the competition. In a world where travelers seek genuine experiences, Joe and Alex’s stories resonate deeply.

Achievements and Aspirations

One notable achievement for Shall We Go Home Travel is their feature in “Backpackers in the World,” a testament to their growing recognition within the travel community. However, they have their sights set on much more. Their dream is to continue growing their readership and becoming an even more popular resource for backpackers heading to South and Central America.

Life Lessons from the Road

As they traverse the globe, Joe and Alex carry with them the wisdom of Hans Christian Andersen, who said, “To travel is to live.” Their journey is a testament to the profound life lessons that travel imparts – the joy of discovery, the importance of embracing uncertainty, and the beauty of cultural immersion.

Future Goals and Plans

For Joe Bayfield, Alex Koumi and Shall We Go Home Travel, the future holds the promise of more travel, exploration of new destinations, and an ever-expanding social media following. Their ultimate goal is to reach readers all across the world, inspiring them to embark on their adventures, and helping them make the most of their journeys.

In a world that often feels like it’s spinning faster than we can keep up, Shall We Go Home Travel reminds us of the beauty of slowing down, embracing the unknown, and finding fulfillment in the journey itself. As they continue to explore the world and share their experiences, their brand stands as a beacon of inspiration for all those who dare to ask, “Shall we go home, or should we keep traveling?” In Joe and Alex’s world, the answer is clear: the adventure is just beginning.

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