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Mission and Purpose: Meet Carol Linnee. Founder Of Carol Linnee’s Critters

Carol Linnee’s Critters is a nonprofit organization with the mission to enhance the welfare of children and animals. This organization was established in August 2022 by Carol Linnee, CEO & Founder.

As a child, Carol Linnee always had a strong passion for animals. From rescuing turtles with her father as a child, to working at various animal hospitals while receiving her bachelor degree of Biology at Grand Valley State University, animals have remained close to her heart.

Due to some circumstances in life sometimes we go through trauma. Carol Linnee is a survivor of trauma herself and she wanted to let children especially ones who have been through traumatic experiences know that they are not alone, they are loved, they have value and worth, they are cared for and supported through their journey, and that they are strong.

This is where Carol Linnee came up with Carol Linnee’s Critters. There is Ace, the male pit bull puppy; Tabitha, the female tabby kitten; Wolfie, the male wolf pup; Layla, the female leopard cub; Gideon, the male alligator; Bailey, the female bat; Frankie, the female owl, and Slim, the male snake. These eight fun critters have their own unique story to tell and one thing they all have in common is that their care and love for one another pulls them through their hard times. Carol Linnee’s Critters will be a supportive friend, family member to every child in need.

“Together we will make a difference” Carol announced previously in her featured issue in Ebony Lifestyle Magazine.

Her overall mission is to not only bring self awareness to her local community, she plans to make a difference nationwide. With your contribution, you can help Carol fulfill her mission by providing new clothing, supplies to local children in hospitals in the Detroit metropolitan area & more.

Volunteers not only distribute clothing to these children in need, but also visit the children along with therapy animals to deliver each child with a stuffed animal toy to represent our care, love, and support.

Our children are the future. With your donation, not only will you make a huge impact for Carol Linnee’s Critters, you can help a child in need today. Checkout her website for more information and support!

Website: www.CarolLinneesCritters.com

Email: info@carollinneescritters.com

Phone: (248) 217-9060





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