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Michael Mikhail, The Billion Dollar Visionary Fuelling Stratton Equities to New Horizons

Michael Mikhail
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In the swiftly evolving sphere of real estate financing, leaders who blend creative foresight, unwavering commitment to client service, and potent financial expertise are vital in propelling their enterprises to unmatched peaks. One such luminary is Michael Mikhail, popularly referred to as the “Billion Dollar Man,” whose remarkable stewardship has positioned Stratton Equities on track to close an astounding 1.2 billion dollars in loan volume, averaging around $100 million each month.

Stratton Equities‘ tale is inseparable from Michael’s unyielding quest for excellence and strategic wisdom. From its inception, Stratton Equities has etched an indelible mark in the sphere of real estate financing. By accommodating a diverse range of niche mortgage loan programs, the firm has emerged as a prime funding source for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and mortgage borrowers. This adaptability, facilitated by access to over a billion dollars in funding, has empowered clients and amplified Stratton Equities’ reputation as a reliable ally in the sector.

The essence of Stratton Equities’ success lies in Michael Mikhail’s unwavering devotion to customer service. This dedication manifests in the wide spectrum of financing solutions the company extends to its clients. From financing for fix-and-flip projects and rental properties to small-balance commercial properties, Michael’s guidance has led the Stratton Equities team to construct a resilient portfolio tailored to diverse financial requirements. This client-focused approach has rendered the firm a favored choice among mortgage borrowers and real estate professionals alike.

Comprehending the ethos of Stratton Equities necessitates understanding the man steering the ship. Michael Mikhail’s trajectory, narrated in an engrossing interview, reflects resilience, persistence, and tactical thinking. He shares an empowering outlook on adversity, suggesting that challenges often fuel extraordinary success. Referencing his personal experiences, he illustrates the potential in transforming hardships into assets, creating prosperity from ground zero, and staying motivated when outcomes seem distant. These beliefs and principles lay the groundwork for his leadership at Stratton Equities.

In the interview, Michael shares his distinctive communication philosophy that values efficiency and directness. Stemming from his dyslexic challenges, this framework has been integrated into Stratton Equities’ training regimen for new hires, inspiring them to process loans through phone conversations over emails. This approach has enhanced deal understanding, relationship-building, and efficiency in loan closures.

Michael further explores his growth tactics, underlining the importance of vision for the organization. Rather than ensnaring oneself in the confines of detailed business strategies, he champions taking action guided by passion, direction, and determination. By adhering to this philosophy, he has adeptly steered Stratton Equities through various challenges, including those instigated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and has paved the way to attain the company’s target of $1.2 billion in closed loan volume.

This vision, fused with Michael’s resilience and financial acumen, encapsulates the driving force behind Stratton Equities. As Michael articulates, the objective has always been “to do it better, bigger, and faster.” With over two decades in the industry, his aim was to refine the lending process, creating an effortless client experience while equipping loan officers with a wider array of programs. This approach, both productive and profitable, has fostered a beneficial environment for all involved.

Stratton Equities‘ leaps under Michael Mikhail’s leadership illustrate the transformative power of innovative thought, ceaseless dedication, and strategic planning. As the “Billion Dollar Man” targets the horizon, the real estate sector eagerly anticipates the ensuing chapter of Stratton Equities’ triumphant journey.


Forbes Magazine recognized Michael in the 2021 class of “The Next 1000,” a platform celebrating individuals who are reshaping the contemporary business landscape. Stratton Equities was also acclaimed by NJBIZ, New Jersey’s preeminent business journal, as one of their Top 250 Privately Held Companies for 2021. NJBIZ additionally honored Michael as one of their 2022 Leaders in Finance, and he received a nomination for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program.

Stratton Equities

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About Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities, a specialist in bespoke private money mortgage loan programs, collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and mortgage and real estate professionals. Aiming to reach an annual closed loan volume of $1.2 billion, equating to a breathtaking $100 million per month, they are endeavoring to leave their mark on the industry.

To stay updated with Stratton Equities, visit their official website and follow them on various social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @StrattonEquities, LinkedIn @stratton-equities, and Twitter @Strattonequity

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