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La’Shondra Johnson of Pitch It LLC Empowers Business Leaders with Effective Public Speaking and Leadership Skills

Pitch It LLC
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Pitch It LLC, a leading provider of public speaking coaching and leadership development, is making waves in the business world with its innovative approach to cultivating the voice of brands and empowering leaders. Led by La’Shondra Johnson, a Miami native, former educator, award-winning orator, and upcoming TEDx speaker, Pitch It LLC is committed to excellence and client success.

La’Shondra Johnson, with her extensive experience in secondary and higher education since 2014, is passionate about helping leaders across all ages and careers discover their voice through confidence training, leadership development, and public speaking coaching. By introducing public speaking skills and confidence in this area, business leaders are equipped with the tools to entice consumers, negotiate prices, and increase market comprehension and awareness.

As part of their comprehensive services, Pitch It LLC offers a range of programs and resources designed to empower business leaders to excel in public speaking and leadership:

Complimentary Mini Course: Pitch It LLC provides a two-video mini-course available on their website, which covers the basics of public speaking and becoming known as a speaker. The mini-course also offers exciting surprises upon completion.

Pitch It Mechanic: Designed as a group setting “tune-up,” the Pitch It Mechanic focuses on fixing and enhancing presentation skills, ensuring that business leaders deliver compelling and impactful speeches.

Pitch It Leadership Training: This specialized training program is tailored for leaders in various fields. It hones communication skills with employees, refines wording for policies, and develops team-building strategies through effective speaking. The program offers weekly themed classes, teaching leaders how to utilize persuasive and rhetorical devices, storytelling strategies to enhance impact and sales, and much more.

Pitch It LLC prides itself on providing a community and family learning environment for its clients. Participants in their programs gain access to a wide range of benefits, including guest speakers, group feedback on their speaking skills, saved videos from all live sessions and training, exclusive pitch competitions, workshops at reduced prices, and more. Additionally, members receive one-on-one mentorship, a chance to post their own videos or content for feedback, and access to a community forum for questions and engagement.

La’Shondra Johnson’s unique background in oratory competitions and performing, coupled with her expertise in tone, inflection, facial expressions, and engaging with diverse audiences, sets Pitch It LLC apart from the competition. Through interactive sessions, participants leave with practical tips and strategies that can be applied in various scenarios, whether it be casual conversation or addressing a national stage.

Pitch It LLC’s target audience comprises men and women executives and business decision-makers aged 25-50 in the United States, particularly those located in Florida. With a focus on pouring back into the community, Pitch It LLC aims to provide its services and empower aspiring leaders to establish their voice and make an impact in their respective fields.

Looking ahead, La’Shondra Johnson envisions Pitch It LLC expanding its reach across the country, with enrollments in the Pitch It Mechanic+Community and the newly launching Pitch It Academy, a more personalized one-on-one coaching program set to debut in 2024. In the future, she plans to travel to speak to executives in both large and small companies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders, leveraging both virtual and in-person platforms.

For more information about Pitch It LLC and to begin the journey towards developing your public speaking and leadership skills, please visit their website.

About Pitch It LLC:

Pitch It LLC, led by La’Shondra Johnson, is a Miami-based company dedicated to excellence and client success. Offering public speaking coaching and leadership development, Pitch It LLC helps leaders across all ages and careers discover their voice, enhance their communication skills, and excel in their respective fields. Through self-paced courses, one-on-one mentorship, and specialized coaching for businesses, Pitch It LLC empowers business leaders to cultivate the voice of their brand and succeed in public speaking engagements, pitch competitions, and more.

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