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How Effective Positioning Can Help Grow and Sustain Your Business

How Effective Positioning Can Help Grow and Sustain Your Business
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By: Strategy Achievers LLC

There is always that brand individuals prefer for a specific need. They each have a favorite drink, a trusted email service provider, and a barbershop or salon that brings out their best look.

To them, these brands offer the best solutions to their needs. Whether it’s due to pricing or the efficacy of their product or service, these brands hold a special place in their minds. This exemplifies the power of positioning.

Positioning is the process of creating a unique and favorable perception of a company, brand, or product in the minds of consumers. Effectively done, positioning can shift the scales in your favor. As an entrepreneur, positioning is key to consumers choosing your brand as they perceive your products and services as credible and valuable.

This perception is vital to differentiating your business from others and can increase customer loyalty, leading to business growth. 

Other advantages of positioning include:

  • Giving your brand a competitive edge
  • Helping you understand your target market
  • Enhancing brand reputation and perception
  • Increasing brand recognition and loyalty

These are crucial to running and sustaining a profitable business.

Competitive Edge

In any given market, there are countless brands or products. Therefore, you need to emphasize the qualities that set you apart from the rest. Is it the innovative features, top-notch value, or what captures the attention of your consumers? 

Positioning gives you a competitive edge and makes it easier to differentiate your products. You can capitalize on these by identifying gaps and unmet needs in your field.

Understanding Your Target Market

Positioning helps you to single out and study your target market. This makes creating effective marketing efforts that appeal to their needs easier.  

With a targeted approach, your message resonates with and converts the right people into customers.

Perception and Reputation

With the right messaging and consistent marketing efforts, your business can create a positive perception in the consumers’ minds, influencing their buying decisions.

When they think of your products as more desirable, trustworthy, and satisfying their needs, they are more likely to buy from you. This positioning builds your brand reputation and strengthens your market presence, leading to increased sales and business growth.

Brand Recognition and Loyalty

An effective positioning strategy leads to an increase in the number of consumers loyal to your brand. It causes more people to identify with your product’s values and benefits, making an emotional connection.

This creates a sense of loyalty, making them more inclined to choose your products over the competition. Additionally, when they recognize your brand satisfies their needs, they are more likely to become return customers.

Now, how do you plan and position your brand to harness the benefits and grow a sustainable business? 

Choosing an Effective Positioning Strategy

Some of the positioning strategies that can make your brand stand out include:

Customer Experience

A great customer experience attracts return buyers and referrals. Think of the times you’ve chosen a specific restaurant for the experience. Or remain loyal to a salon or barber shop because of their exceptional service.

Offering your customers a memorable experience can help your brand stand out. If you have a business website, tailoring it to be attractive, easy to navigate and find products, and easy to check out can enhance user experience. 

Furthermore, if your buyers have a great experience with your products, most wouldn’t mind paying higher rates for the service.

Product Uniqueness

Having a unique product that consumers can relate to can position your brand favorably in the market. Be it new technology or even a new solution to a need in your industry, having something unique to offer makes you stand out.

Granted, some consumers might prefer already tested and proven products. However, when they hear or see positive reviews, they’ll be willing to give it a shot. Also, tech-savvy consumers would be willing to try out new technology. 


Offering quality products is a great strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Mostly, a lot goes into producing high-quality products, e.g., using high-quality materials and utilizing exceptional talent.

This might cause the cost to go up. Therefore, for this strategy to be effective, you need to study your target market to know whether buyers would be willing to spend premium rates for your high-quality products.

Affordable Pricing

Another positioning strategy is to present your products as affordable. 

Most people would prefer to spend on the cheaper option as long as it satisfies their needs. Making your products lower priced can attract a large customer base. 

However, you must ensure your calculations are correct and the strategy makes economic sense for your business. You wouldn’t want to run into losses or push an unsustainable offer.


Imagine your product or service was very convenient in your industry. How many customers would it attract?

Making your product easily accessible, usable, or able to support multiple platforms can increase customer loyalty to your business. 

It might cost you more to make the product more accessible than your competitor’s, but it might also attract premium rates.

There are several factors to consider before crafting an effective positioning strategy, like knowing your target customers and their behaviors and your long-term business goals and vision.

However, this marketing strategy can help scale your business and sustain it into a long-term profit-making venture.


Published By: Aize Perez

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