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“HAPPY WOMAN” Seminar: Path to Self-Understanding and Personal Transformation with Alessandra Shulgina

HAPPY WOMAN Seminar Path to Self-Understanding and Personal Transformation with Alessandra Shulgina (3)
Photo Courtesy: Alessandra Shulgina

The “HAPPY WOMAN” seminar, conducted by the outstanding motivational speaker and author of the book “How to Meet Your Soul Friend: 6 Steps to Happiness and Harmonious Relationships” Alessandra Shulgina, had a tremendous impact on the one hundred participants who attended it last weekend. This event became a pivotal moment in the lives of many women, helping them embark on a new path to self-understanding and personal transformation.

Alessandra Shulgina is a renowned motivational speaker, author, and expert in self-development and self-awareness. Through her work, she has helped over twenty thousand women worldwide gain self-confidence, overcome fears and blocks, and create a happy and harmonious life. For over a decade, she has been actively working both online and offline, using meditations and psychological and esoteric practices to help her students find inner peace and confidence and overcome obstacles to their dreams.

At the “HAPPY WOMAN” seminar, Alessandra introduced participants to a unique program covering important aspects of female psychology and self-understanding. Over the course of 12 hours, participants discussed their childhood and its influence on their self-esteem, worked on negative beliefs and traumatic experiences, and sought ways to create harmonious relationships with themselves and the surrounding world. Meditations, self-acceptance practices, and practical exercises helped participants deeply understand themselves and their needs.

HAPPY WOMAN Seminar Path to Self-Understanding and Personal Transformation with Alessandra Shulgina

Photo Courtesy: Alessandra Shulgina

HAPPY WOMAN Seminar Path to Self-Understanding and Personal Transformation with Alessandra Shulgina (2)

Photo Courtesy: Alessandra Shulgina

A particularly important moment of the seminar was the transmission of a secret practice to the participants, which brought them tears of joy and happiness. It was the key that opened the door to a new life filled with harmony and well-being.

After the seminar, women not only felt internal changes but also began taking active steps in their daily lives. This is a vivid confirmation of Alessandra Shulgina’s words that by changing one’s subconscious, individuals can change the direction of their lives. Alessandra continues her mission to help women both online and offline, and her inspiring career, family life, and commitment to self-development serve as an example to thousands of women worldwide.

Alessandra Shulgina is not only a successful motivational speaker and author but also an example of a happy woman who combines a successful career with family life. By raising two daughters and enjoying life to the fullest, she demonstrates that a balanced and harmonious existence is entirely achievable. Her life experience and personal successes inspire her students to pursue their own goals and dreams.

Through her example, Alessandra Shulgina shows that the key to happiness and harmony lies in one’s own hands. She believes in the power of thought and desire, as well as in the power of kindness and mutual support. Her involvement in charitable activities and work with the Healthy and Harmony Foundation have become an integral part of her lifestyle, confirming her belief that helping others makes the world a better place.

Alessandra is also an active participant in the sports community, inspiring women to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in physical activity. As a certified dietitian and fitness trainer, she has developed her own system of nutrition and workouts, helping women not only achieve desired results in fitness but also love and accept their bodies.

Within the framework of her sports-motivational events, such as the #ShulginaDevichnik Fitness tour, Alessandra changes the lives of girls, helping them not only improve their physical shape but also change their attitude towards themselves and their health. Her tours to various parts of the world have become a platform for creating a community of active and aspiring women who can inspire and support each other in achieving their goals.

Alessandra Shulgina is a notable example of an outstanding modern woman who strives for personal growth and shares her knowledge and experience with others. Her courses, webinars, books, and events have become integral parts of the lives of thousands of women worldwide, helping them gain self-confidence, love of life, and faith in their abilities.


Published by: Khy Talara

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