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Empowering Nigerian Innovators: IMC 2023 Keynote by Kate Hancock

Empowering Nigerian Innovators: IMC 2023 Keynote by Kate Hancock
Photo Credited to: Empowering Emerging Innovators

The world of technology and telecommunications is evolving at an astonishing pace, and staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for any nation striving for greatness. In Nigeria, a nation with immense potential, the need to harness emerging talents in these fields has never been more evident. Recognizing this need, the Telecommunication and Technology Sustainability Working Group (TTSWG) has embarked on an ambitious journey to promote sustainable innovations in Nigeria’s technology and telecommunications sectors through the Innovation Makers Challenge (IMC) 2023.

One of the most anticipated highlights of the IMC 2023 is the keynote address by Kate Hancock, a luminary TEDx speaker and the Founder of Boatly, a prominent US-based company. This exciting announcement was made during the official launch of the IMC in the vibrant city of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Kate Hancock’s presence at the IMC promises to inspire and enlighten participants and attendees alike with her insightful perspective on innovation and sustainability.

The IMC, an initiative spearheaded by the TTSWG, is designed to serve as a catalyst for sustainable innovations in Nigeria’s technology and telecommunications sectors. Its mission is to provide a platform where emerging talents can showcase their groundbreaking solutions, gain recognition, and receive the support needed to scale up their innovations. By doing so, the IMC aims to contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria’s technology ecosystem.

Scheduled to take place at the prestigious Eko Convention Center on Victoria Island, Lagos, the IMC Conference promises to be a gathering of great minds and innovators. It will serve as a forum for transformative discussions about the future of technology and telecommunications in Africa, all while showcasing the emerging innovations that are originating from Nigeria itself.

The conference lineup features an impressive array of industry leaders, including Oluwole Asalu, the CEO and Founder of Quomodo Systems Africa, who has been instrumental in driving technological advancements in the region. Also on the list is Lanre Bamisebi, the Executive Director of Access Corporation, known for his pioneering work in the telecommunications sector. Chuks Ekwueme, the Chairman of UNICCON Group, adds further depth to the lineup with his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

Before the conference kicks off, there will be an Innovators Challenge, inviting individuals aged 18 to 35 from all corners of Nigeria to participate. This challenge allows aspiring innovators to pitch their sustainable solutions, competing for the opportunity to present their ideas to a distinguished panel of judges during the Grand Finale Conference and Exhibition scheduled for November 9, 2023. The stakes are high, with cash prizes of ₦2,000,000, ₦1,000,000, and ₦500,000 awaiting the top three winners, respectively.

Yet, the rewards extend far beyond monetary gains. Participants in the Innovators Challenge have the unique opportunity to receive world-class expert training and mentorship through the Innovation Bootcamp, setting them on a path towards success. Additionally, they will have the chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors, network with established professionals in the tech industry, and showcase their innovations to a diverse audience at the IMC Conference 2023.

Chris Uwaje, the CEO of Mobile Software Solutions and a Board Member of TTSWG, emphasizes the significance of the IMC in the context of Nigeria’s technological development. He notes, “The world is moving so fast, but Nigeria is being left behind. Discovering talent is a crucial strategic tool for competing as a great nation. We cannot reap the benefits unless we overcome the challenges within the realm of technology. Through the IMC, TTSWG aims to identify disruptive ideas, discover and nurture emerging talents that can disrupt the existing system and lead the country into the future.”

Bankole Oloruntoba, the Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC), echoes this sentiment and underscores the importance of providing dedicated funding to support emerging innovative ideas. “We are supporting these young individuals from their current stage to gain global recognition and address tangible and functional challenges related to sustainability and other environmental issues facing the telecom sector,” he adds.

For those eager to be part of this transformative journey, the application window for the IMC 2023 remains open until October 16, 2023. Interested and qualified individuals can submit their applications through the official website: www.ttswg-imc.com/apply. This event is made possible through the generous sponsorship of IHS Towers and the support of various partners who share the vision of fostering innovation and sustainability in Nigeria.

The IMC launch event in Ikoyi, Lagos, witnessed the presence of notable figures from the technology and telecommunications industry. These individuals, including John Isiekwene, Sustainability Manager at IHS Towers; Adedoyin Segun-Noibi, General Manager of Quomodo Systems Africa; Faderera Segun, Program and Partnership Manager at Arnergy Solar; Precious Francis, Communications and Knowledge Officer at NCIC; and Gbolahan Awonuga, Executive Secretary of ALTON, collectively represent the commitment and enthusiasm of the industry to support emerging innovators in Nigeria.

Empowering Nigerian Innovators: IMC 2023 Keynote by Kate Hancock

Photo Credited to: Empowering Emerging Innovators

The Innovation Makers Challenge (IMC) 2023 is poised to empower emerging innovators, driving sustainable solutions in Nigeria’s technology and telecommunications sectors. With Kate Hancock’s keynote address, a diverse lineup of industry leaders, and a host of opportunities for young talents, the IMC is set to propel Nigeria into a future where innovation and sustainability reign supreme. As Nigeria races to catch up with the rapid advancements in technology worldwide, the IMC serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for those who dare to dream and innovate.

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