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Empowering Business Leaders to Achieve Excellence: Pitch It LLC Leads the Way in Authentic Voice Coaching

In a world where communication and leadership skills are vital to success, one exceptional woman is making waves by revolutionizing the art of public speaking and leadership development. La’Shondra Johnson, the Miami native, former educator, award-winning orator, and upcoming TedX speaker, is the driving force behind Pitch It LLC, a pioneering company dedicated to Amplifying Influence, Sales, and Retention through Authentic Voice Coaching.

With a background in education spanning since 2014, La’Shondra Johnson is fervently committed to assisting leaders of all ages and career backgrounds in discovering their authentic voices through confidence training, leadership development, and public speaking coaching. She founded Pitch It LLC to provide business leaders with the invaluable skills and knowledge needed to drive increased sales, bolster client retention, and elevate their market awareness through expert public speaking coaching.

A Tailored Approach to Excellence

What sets Pitch It LLC apart from the competition is their unwavering commitment to empowering business leaders with the tools to use their authentic voice to influence, boost sales, and enhance client retention while effectively managing people to achieve their desired outcomes. La’Shondra’s journey, which began at the age of 16 as a competitor in oratory competitions, has equipped her with the mastery of tone, inflection, facial expressions, and the art of captivating both small and large crowds.

“I’ve trained people with speech impediments all the way to individuals raising more brand awareness and financial stability through their business or profession. My theater background also adds for an interesting mix as I use improvisation and other theatrical games/techniques to showcase how to really own the stage and their audience whenever they speak, whether that be in casual conversation or on a national stage,” says La’Shondra Johnson.

At Pitch It LLC, their commitment to personalized coaching is evident in their one-on-one coaching approach, entirely customized to the individual’s specific needs, ensuring a highly personalized and effective learning experience. In addition, they offer the option for business leaders to join group cohorts, creating a supportive community where leaders can learn from one another, share experiences, and gain valuable insights through peer interaction.

A Wealth of Resources and Proven Expertise

Pitch It LLC provides a wealth of resources, including an eBook, scripts, and outlines, designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience. These resources complement their coaching, allowing business leaders to reinforce their skills and knowledge independently. Their team consists of seasoned public speaking and coaching professionals with a wealth of experience in leadership development, bringing a depth of knowledge and insight to their coaching that few can match.

Their coaching programs have a track record of delivering tangible results, with many business leaders who have worked with them seeing significant improvements in their influence, sales, and client retention. Pitch It LLC understands the importance of not only influencing clients but also managing people effectively to achieve desired outcomes, encompassing a holistic approach that covers the complete spectrum of leadership skills.

Continuous Adaptability and a Vision for the Future

In a rapidly changing business environment, Pitch It LLC stays at the forefront of industry trends and continuously adapts their coaching techniques to address the evolving needs of business leaders. La’Shondra Johnson envisions a world where every leader understands that success doesn’t come at the expense of others but through collaboration and authentic leadership.

“In addition to our current suite of training, speaking, and coaching services, we will continuously innovate, introducing cutting-edge training techniques and services tailored to the evolving landscape, delivering unparalleled value, education, knowledge, and growth to all our stakeholders,” La’Shondra Johnson shares.

Looking forward, Pitch It LLC plans to evolve into a household name, marked by their quarterly pitch competitions. These competitions will continue to provide top-notch training services and offer substantial cash prizes to deserving winners, solidifying their reputation as a leading authority in the field.

For individuals and business leaders who are ready to embark on their journey to learning and establishing their voice as a leader, Pitch It LLC can be contacted through their official website.

La’Shondra Johnson and Pitch It LLC are just beginning to make their impact, and they invite you to join them on this transformative journey. If they can do it, so can you.

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