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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Momentous Achievement: Receiving the Menorah of Peace Award

Date: December 12, 2023

By: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew show Today’s America and World News

Category: Global Affairs

On an auspicious day in December 2023, the United Nations Headquarters in New York City became the stage for a historic event of great symbolic importance. The Institute of Noahide Code, an organization dedicated to promoting global peace and harmony, selected this renowned venue to present the first-ever Menorah of Peace Award, a significant milestone in the global discourse on human rights and religious freedom.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: An Icon of Peace and Solidarity

The highlight of the event was the presence of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, who was honored with the prestigious Menorah of Peace Award. Known for her fervent advocacy and influential leadership, Dr. Liew graced the event, underscoring the key themes of peace, solidarity, and religious liberty. Her participation held special significance as it coincided with the Chanukah festival, revered for its message of resilience and steadfast faith.

The Menorah’s Profound Symbolism

In Jewish heritage, the Menorah stands as more than a ritualistic object; it symbolizes enduring hope and unwavering perseverance. During the Chanukah festival, the Menorah’s light signifies the resilient spirit and rich cultural heritage of the Jewish community. The ceremony harnessed this profound symbolism to shed light on the broader significance of human rights and freedom of belief across various cultures.

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: The Architect of Peace

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, the driving force behind the Institute of Noahide Code, played a pivotal role in this event. By awarding Dr. Liew, Rabbi Cohen emphasized a universal message of peace and tolerance. His initiative in organizing this event reinforced the Institute’s dedication to nurturing a global conversation on universal rights and freedoms.

The Institute of Noahide Code INC, accredited by the United Nations (ECOSOC), strives to promote peace, democracy, and harmony worldwide. It advocates for the Universal Noahide Code’s values, which are recognized and respected globally across various cultures and religions, to enhance visibility and foster peace and democratic principles universally.

Dr. Liew’s Inspirational Oratory

A key highlight of the ceremony was Dr. Liew’s impassioned speech. She expressed deep admiration for Jewish traditions and principles, emphasizing the universal necessity for peace and prosperity. Her speech skillfully drew parallels between Jewish peace and the quest for global harmony, highlighting the interconnectedness of all communities in the pursuit of peace.

The Sefer Torah Scroll: Linking Past and Future

Dr. Liew also focused on the introduction of a new Sefer Torah Scroll, symbolizing the ongoing transmission of Jewish teachings and laws. This aspect of the ceremony connected ancient traditions with contemporary relevance, emphasizing the enduring nature of religious and cultural heritage.

The Ceremony’s Broader Significance

The Menorah of Peace Award ceremony transcended its immediate setting, emerging as a beacon of hope and unity in a world often characterized by division. Dr. Liew’s eloquent address particularly stood out, lighting the way for peace and respect among diverse cultures and beliefs.

Looking Ahead

The 2023 Menorah of Peace Award ceremony at the United Nations is poised to be remembered as a landmark event in the pursuit of global understanding and human rights advocacy. It symbolizes the strength of unity and the persistent spirit of hope in surmounting challenges.

Discovering Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Impact

For a comprehensive understanding of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s extensive work and her significant achievements, a visit to her official website, www.sarahsenator.org, is highly recommended. This resource offers an in-depth look into her advocacy, her initiatives, and the milestones she has achieved in her career.

Spotlight on Dr. Liew’s Achievements in the Media

Dr. Liew’s influential role and her contributions have been featured in a variety of prominent publications, which have extensively covered her journey and impact. To explore these features and gain further insights into her work, the following publications offer detailed articles and reports:

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To learn more about the Institute of Noahide Code or to get in touch, please email RabbiCohen@noahide.com or visit https://noahide.org/.

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