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Craftsmanship Across Generations: Clearview Roofing & Construction’s Tale of Passion and Perseverance

Craftsmanship Across Generations: Clearview Roofing & Construction's Tale of Passion and Perseverance
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When a company turns its work into a labor of love, the result is a legacy that extends beyond the ordinary. The story of Clearview Roofing & Construction is one such narrative, seamlessly blending a family’s passion, commitment, and an enduring tradition of craftsmanship in Long Island, New York’s construction industry. 

The tale of Clearview begins with Kevin Desmond’s father and uncle, who laid the foundation of this family-owned business in 1961. Since then, the company has grown into a household name across Long Island, New York and Queens, New York, synonymous with trust and reliability in the roofing and construction industry. Today, the legacy is upheld by the third generation, represented by Chris Feniello, a managing partner, and Desmond. 

For Feniello, the choice of a career in home improvement and construction seems an inherited passion. The young man grew up amidst a family deeply engaged in various aspects of construction – from his great aunt building homes in Hauppauge, his cousins in the sheetrock and drywall industry, to his mother designing the interiors of homes. These formative influences would eventually lead him to join Clearview Roofing & Construction, where he has served the industry for over 20 years. 

The company offers a wide array of services from residential and commercial roofing, including TPO and EPDM flat roofing, and comprehensive restoration. Its distinctive expertise extends to water mitigation, painting, sheetrock repair, flooring, trim, door and window replacement, and even specialized services such as chimney repair and replacement, siding, fencing, and deck construction. Each service is expertly executed by a team of experienced professionals, each a specialist in their trade, ensuring the delivery of superior quality work to their customers. 

Craftsmanship Across Generations: Clearview Roofing & Construction's Tale of Passion and Perseverance

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The commitment of Clearview Roofing & Construction goes beyond quality craftsmanship. The company places enormous importance on customer satisfaction, transparency, and effective communication. It’s not just about delivering excellent results; it’s about taking the customers along on the journey, keeping them informed and setting realistic expectations. 

Furthermore, Clearview prides itself on being up-to-date with the latest trends and manufacturer guidelines. By ensuring that their team members regularly attend manufacturer trainings, the company not only guarantees the highest standards in their work but also the manufacturer-backed warranties, instilling a sense of security and trust among their customers. 

Such a customer-centric approach has inevitably earned Clearview Roofing & Construction recognition and accolades. The company boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, regularly wins the Angi Super Service Award, and is the highest reviewed and highest rated roofing contractor on the Home Advisor service. 

Craftsmanship Across Generations: Clearview Roofing & Construction's Tale of Passion and Perseverance

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From a broader perspective, Clearview Roofing & Construction is not just a construction company. It is a narrative of a family’s unwavering commitment to their craft, their dedication to their customers, and the passion for building structures that stand the test of time. As Clearview moves forward, the legacy continues to inspire their present, driving them towards an even brighter future in the roofing and construction industry. 

The story of Clearview Roofing & Construction is one that mirrors the structures they build – crafted with care, fortified by experience, and designed to endure. This is a testament to their unwavering commitment, “We don’t leave a job with an unhappy customer,” shaping an emblem of excellence that continues to inspire and shine across the buildings and homes of Long Island, New York and beyond. 

Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial roofing, restoration, or home improvement, visit their website at longislandroofs.com and discover their extensive array of services.  

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