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“Burn Like A Fire” Book Launch in Houston – Dr. Ogletree

Burn Like A Fire Book Launch in Houston - Dr. Ogletree
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Ogletree

By: Kimberly J. Lewis

In the heart of Houston, a beacon of spiritual enlightenment shines through the works and dedication of Dr. Ethan Ogletree Sr., a distinguished author and biblical scholar whose life’s mission transcends the written word. With an academic backdrop that includes a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Houston Graduate School of Theology, Dr. Ogletree has devoted his life to ministry, community service, and family—pillars that have not only shaped his character but also deeply influenced his literary endeavors.

Burn Like A Fire Book Launch in Houston - Dr. Ogletree_3

Photo Courtesy: Ethan Ogletree

Dr. Ogletree’s latest book, “Burn Like A Fire,” stands as a testament to his profound commitment to sparking divine transformation within individuals. This work delves into the essence of the Holy Spirit’s role in believers’ lives, offering readers a pathway to surrendering completely to God’s will and experiencing His grace in its full magnitude.

The narrative woven throughout “Burn Like A Fire” is one that beckons readers to explore their spirituality on a deeper level, encouraging them to release the burdens that tether their souls to worldly concerns. It’s this very message that Dr. Ogletree emphasizes: “I encourage each one of you to heed this testimony, to submit your will to God’s divine plan, and to release the inner hurts and burdens that weigh heavily upon your soul.”

Burn Like A Fire Book Launch in Houston - Dr. Ogletree_2

Photo Courtesy: Ethan Ogletree

Dr. Ogletree’s journey is not merely about his scholarly achievements; it’s about how he has utilized these accomplishments as tools for broader societal impact. His dedication extends beyond the pulpit and into the heart of communities where he has spent over 4000 hours volunteering, earning him The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award—a prestigious recognition for individuals whose service positively impacts their communities and inspires those around them. Dr. Ogletree’s heart beats for the community. Since the pandemic, his ministry has fed over 100,000 people. Service is at the core of all that they do. Dr. Ogletree believes in elevating both men and women that are called, providing opportunities for everyone to fulfill the mandate in their lives.

Family plays a central role in Dr. Ogletree’s life—a source of strength and inspiration. Alongside his beloved wife, Dr. Pamela Ogletree, and their children and grandchildren, he embodies the values he preaches, creating a legacy of faithfulness and commitment that resonates within both his family circle and his wider community outreach.

For those eager to immerse themselves in Dr. Ogletree’s insightful teachings ahead of “Burn Like A Fire,” his earlier works “The Power of Agreement” and “Connections Matter” are available on Amazon. These publications further unravel the complexities of faith while offering practical guidance on living a life aligned with spiritual truths.

The anticipation builds as New Destiny Praise and Worship Center prepares to host the official book launch and signing event for “Burn Like A Fire” on April 28, 2024. Located at 4170 W. Greens Road in Houston, TX, this gathering promises an enriching experience for attendees who are also invited to partake in the worship service preceding the signing event at 10 am.

For additional information about this landmark event or inquiries regarding New Destiny Praise and Worship Center’s initiatives, interested parties are encouraged to contact the church directly at 281.580.8686 or visit their website. Social media enthusiasts can also connect with both Dr. Ethan Ogletree Sr. and New Destiny Praise for timely updates on upcoming events, services, and more inspirational content.

As “Burn Like A Fire” awaits its formal introduction to readers worldwide, it symbolizes more than just another publication; it signifies a movement towards spiritual awakening guided by one man’s unwavering faith in God’s transformative power—a legacy enshrined within each page ready to set countless hearts ablaze with divine fervor.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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