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Ben DeBord: The Leadership Coach Who Makes Growth Exciting

Meet Ben DeBord – not just another leadership coach, but a true explorer in the world of professional growth. He’s the guy who believes that inside everyone is a hidden spark waiting to ignite. With Ben, it’s not just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about discovering the adventure in every step.

In today’s world, where everything moves at lightning speed, and information bombards us from every angle, it’s easy to feel lost. That’s where Ben comes in. He’s like the calm in the storm, helping you slow down, catch your breath, and see the bigger picture. It’s about understanding your actions and decisions, and Ben is the perfect mirror for that.

Ben’s philosophy is simple yet profound: We’re all wired to succeed. It’s just that sometimes, life’s noise drowns out that inner success story. He’s the expert archeologist who digs deep to unearth your true potential, helping you and your team not just survive, but thrive.

When Ben takes the stage, things change. His speeches aren’t just talks; they’re wake-up calls to action. He’s got this unique ability to shake things up, transforming stale mindsets into new, exciting ways of thinking and working. After a session with Ben, teams don’t just walk away inspired; they’re recharged and realigned.

But what really sets Ben apart is his genuine joy in guiding others. Each coaching session, each speech, is a step in a journey he treasures – the journey of bringing out the best in people.

And Ben’s mission doesn’t stop when the session ends. His website, benjamindebord.com, is a treasure trove for anyone on a leadership journey. It’s packed with resources, stories, and tools to keep you inspired and on track.

Over on LinkedIn, Ben’s influence stretches even further. His profile is a bustling hub of ideas and interactions where leaders from all over the globe connect, share, and grow together. It’s not just a network; it’s a community of transformation.

Ben DeBord: The Leadership Coach Who Makes Growth Exciting

Photo Credit: First Class Agency

In the complex dance of life and business, Ben DeBord is more than a coach; he’s a partner in your growth. He stands out in a crowded world, helping individuals and organizations not just cope, but flourish.

But here’s something you might not know: Ben’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the vision of the First Class agency and the Voice of Purpose initiative. While Ben couldn’t join Voice of Purpose this year due to his wedding (congrats, Ben!), his ethos and ours are a match made in professional development heaven. We at First Class agency celebrate leaders like Ben, who make growth not just a goal, but an exciting, fulfilling journey.

Here’s an exciting future project on the horizon: In 2024, Ben DeBord is set to shake things up inside Voice of Purpose, a virtual speaking competition that provides a platform for leaders like Ben to share a message that makes an impact. This is a move that perfectly mirrors his commitment to transformative leadership. Voice of Purpose is known for its groundbreaking approach to professional development, resonating deeply with Ben’s philosophy of unlocking potential and fostering growth. This experience will be a new chapter in Ben’s journey, a testament to his belief in continuous learning and his dedication to being at the forefront of leadership excellence. 

On the digital stage, Ben will create an even more impactful and inspiring experience for leaders and organizations worldwide.

So, are you ready to join Ben on this adventure of self-discovery and growth? Remember, in Ben’s own words: “Adventure lies within. Invest in a good guide – you’re worth it!” This isn’t just a journey; it’s a transformation waiting to happen, and Ben DeBord is your guide to unlocking it.

Find Ben on LinkedIn or connect with him on his website

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