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Anastasia Schipanova: Bridging Beauty, Art, and Visionary Innovation – A Conversation with the Multifaceted Luminary

Anastasia Shchipanova
Photo Credit Myrna Al Haddad Press Office

Wall Street Times (WST):Good day, readers of Wall Street Times. Today, we enjoy engaging in a dialogue with Anastasia Schipanova, a remarkable individual celebrated for her prowess in fashion and contemporary art. Anastasia, let’s dive into your journey. How did your experiences in Miss Russia and other prestigious beauty contests influence your trajectory as an artist?

Anastasia Schipanova: Thank you for having me. Participating in Miss Russia and subsequent global beauty contests was an incredible platform that allowed me to showcase grace and poise. These experiences, coupled with the glamour of the fashion world, catalyzed my exploration into art. Beauty, in its various forms, has always been a muse for me.

WST:Your artistic journey has a unique dimension with the introduction of “Energy Abstract.” How did your master classes with Zurab Tsereteli and personal experiences shape this distinctive style?

Anastasia Schipanova: Absolutely. Studying under Zurab Tsereteli was transformative. I absorbed lessons not just in technique but also in expressing energy through abstraction. My own experiences, coupled with the vibrancy of the fashion world, inspired me to create a style that I feel resonates with the dynamic energy that surrounds us.

WST: Balancing a successful career in modeling and art is no small feat. How do you seamlessly navigate these seemingly disparate worlds while maintaining professionalism?

Anastasia Schipanova: It’s a delicate balance, but passion is a driving force. Whether on the runway or in my art studio, the commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Professionalism is non-negotiable, and I believe that dedication is the key to managing and excelling in both careers.

Photo Credit: Myrna Al Haddad Press Office

WST: Your foray into the scientific and psychological project “Eternal Life” is intriguing. Can you share more about the project’s genesis and the impact you hope it will have on societal perspectives?

Anastasia Schipanova: “Eternal Life” emerged from a desire to explore beyond the conventional boundaries of my profession. It aims to unite people through ideas on prolonging life, challenging us to think about the possibilities of human longevity. The impact I hope for is a shift in societal perspectives, fostering conversations about the potentialities that lie ahead in the realms of science and psychology.

WST: The “Best Of 2023 In The Artworld” award from Art Tour International significantly recognizes your contributions. How does such acclaim influence your future endeavors, and what do you envision for your role in the art community?

Anastasia Schipanova: Receiving the “Best Of 2023 In The Artworld” award is truly an honor. It inspires me to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. I envision playing a role in shaping the art community’s discourse, fostering innovation, and contributing to conversations that extend beyond traditional artistic boundaries.

WST: Lastly, what do you see as the intersection between beauty, art, and visionary innovation, and how do you believe this intersection can shape the future?

Anastasia Schipanova: The intersection is profound. Beauty and art can inspire innovation, pushing us to explore uncharted territories. By challenging conventional thinking, we pave the way for a limitless future. I see this intersection as a catalyst for transformative change, where creativity becomes a driving force shaping the artistic landscape and the future of human experience.

In the multifaceted tapestry of Anastasia Schipanova’s journey, the convergence of beauty, art, and visionary innovation creates a narrative that transcends conventional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of creativity and the discourse that shapes our collective future.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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