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9-Year Digital Marketing Veteran with a Heart of Gold: Donates 25% of His Income Annually to Humanitarian Campaigns

9-Year Digital Marketing Veteran with a Heart of Gold: Donates 25% of His Income Annually to Humanitarian Campaigns
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In an era where the quest for corporate success often overshadows the spirit of philanthropy, Chris Wong, the founder of VICI MEDIA INC, stands out as a beacon of hope and generosity. With a successful career spanning nine years in the digital marketing realm, Wong has not only led his company to great heights but has also dedicated a significant portion of his income to humanitarian causes, embodying the true essence of giving back to society.

The Journey of VICI MEDIA INC

Founded in Vancouver and now based in Dubai, VICI MEDIA INC has made a name for itself in the competitive world of digital marketing. Specializing in social ads and email marketing predominantly for e-commerce, the company has seen tremendous success, especially in the finance industry with B2B cold emails. With a diverse team spread across Germany, Cyprus, Georgia, and various other countries, VICI MEDIA INC’s global footprint is a testament to its innovative strategies and commitment to excellence.

A Commitment to Humanitarian Efforts

Chris Wong’s journey into philanthropy is not a recent endeavor. For most of his life, he has been committed to helping those in need, maintaining subscriptions to organizations like the Red Cross and World Vision. However, it was in 2019 that Wong decided to take a significant step forward by pledging $25,000 to humanitarian campaigns focused on addressing the world’s illiteracy and crime problems. These campaigns sponsor the dissemination of study technology, spiritual awareness, and drug awareness programs.

The Impact of Giving Back

Since making this life-changing commitment, Wong has witnessed a miraculous growth in both his personal and professional life. His business has seen a 3-4X increase in income over the last three years, allowing him to donate close to $300,000 USD since 2019. This remarkable growth underscores the popular saying that when one does good in the world, the universe rewards them in kind.

Wong’s philanthropic efforts highlight the profound impact that giving back can have, not just on the recipients of the aid but also on the donor. His belief in flowing power to the world where it is needed most, in the form of monetary support, has not only contributed to significant social change but has also brought about an expansion in his life and business.

A Beacon for the Digital Marketing Industry

Chris Wong and VICI MEDIA INC serve as shining examples of how businesses can thrive while making a positive impact on the world. Wong’s dedication to humanitarian causes, coupled with his success in the digital marketing industry, sets a precedent for other entrepreneurs and companies to follow. It demonstrates that success and philanthropy can go hand in hand, and that the true measure of a business’s success is not just in its financial achievements, but also in its ability to contribute to the betterment of society.

In a world in need of kindness and generosity, Chris Wong’s story is a powerful reminder of the difference one individual can make. Through his commitment to humanitarian efforts, Wong continues to inspire others to look beyond their success and consider how they can contribute to making the world a better place for all.


Published By: Aize Perez

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