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TRNDY Social: America’s Fastest Growing Sports Agency

TRNDY Social: America’s Fastest Growing Sports Agency
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In a world increasingly dominated by social media and digital brand presence, the business landscape is evolving. Athletes, once recognized primarily for their prowess in their respective sports, are now powerful influencers and brand ambassadors off the field. Enter TRNDY Social, the premier talent agency that’s changing the game by aiding athletes in maximizing their influence, converting athletic acclaim into global brand partnerships. TRNDY started as a venture between partners Mike Visnick and Logan Simmons which quickly grew to over 20 employees. 

Mike Visnick, the CEO of TRNDY Social, emphasized the urgency of a consistent and compelling online presence. “The hard reality of business in 2023 is that consumers forget about you if you’re not consistently in front of them. Even the best business becomes obsolete if unnoticed. Proper marketing is a requisite for success, and partnering with a celebrity, especially an athlete, offers immediate brand credibility. In our highly competitive age, it’s paramount to resonate with consumers through athletes they admire.”

Not just another talent agency, TRNDY Social positions itself as a bridge, as eloquently put by its CMO, Logan Simmons, “We are the bridge from brands to celebrities. Celebrity marketing means significantly more than sponsoring videos or glamorous Instagram posts. The right celebrity marketing strategy enables companies to reach their target groups in a direct way and retain them sustainably.” This philosophy underpins the agency’s approach, aiming for genuine and beneficial collaborations rather than mere numbers.

Founded by Mike Visnick and Logan Simmons, TRNDY Social boasts of not just impressive executive leadership but also a stellar roster of athlete partners. Names like Donovan McNabb, Tiki Barber, Ronde Barber, Terrell Owens, and Jeremy Roenick stand testament to the trust and efficacy TRNDY Social brings to the table. Beyond the world of sports, TRNDY’s influence extends to music, television, entertainment, and social media, courtesy of the founders’ vast and varied relationships across these sectors.

What sets TRNDY Social apart is their distinct advantage of understanding both sides of the celebrity-brand equation. Having owned consumer product brands, the executive team is adept at steering marketing campaigns for brands aligning with their athlete partners. Their holistic approach to celebrity marketing has positioned them as the fastest-growing sports agency currently.

In Logan Simmons’ words, “We build real communities, not just inflated numbers by forging valuable and viral partnerships between top-tier celebrities and brands.” This ethos is evident in their strategy, ensuring authentic brand-athlete fitment and creating genuine community engagement.

As the digital age proceeds, TRNDY Social anticipates an increased focus on athletes nurturing their digital brands, aligning with proficient agencies to amplify their online visibility and influence. With their avant-garde approach and stellar track record, TRNDY Social is undoubtedly poised to lead this transformation.

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