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In the fast-paced world of high fashion, innovation often takes center stage. At Paris Fashion Week, Janelle Funari of Funari New York made history by showcasing a full runway collection that not only turned heads but also made a statement on sustainability and inclusivity.


The Funari Paris line unveiled at this prestigious event, featured a stunning array of luxurious lingerie, dresses, and jackets. What set this collection apart was its commitment to eco-conscious fashion. Funari harnessed the power of breathable, eco-friendly fibers to create a unique concept known as “comfortable Eco-Couture.”


But how did it all begin? The Funari Collection had its humble origins in 2007 when designer Janelle Funari launched an Eco-friendly destination wedding collection in New York, which was immediately seen in Vogue.   Multiple Years later, in 2013, designer Janelle Funari faced a unique challenge: finding clothing for her curvy French Bulldog, Maxine.   Resourceful and environmentally conscious, she began recycling fabrics from her runway collections to craft stylish pet attire. This endeavor blossomed into a full-fledged collection, embodying the principles of high fashion with practicality, eco-friendly fabrication, and sustainable practices.


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The ethos of Funari’s collections is all about empowerment, sexiness, confidence, and versatility. This season’s lineup showcased flattering, feminine pieces with a touch of masculine flare reminiscent of the retro 70s and a nod to historical fashion. The color palette is muted and vivid, including mustard, dusty pink, Robin’s egg blue, teal, gold, and the ever-present core shade of the Funari brand: black. The exclusive print of the season featured a distorted hand-painted abstract artwork in teal and hot pink hues, adding a splash of artistic flair to the collection.


Key styles in the collection included a fit and flare raincoat featuring unique materials like laser-cut foiled lace and waterproof technology and vegan leather trench coats hand-painted by artist Jodi DeCrenza. Palazzo-style pleated, vegan leather pants offered versatility in many color options and boasted wrinkle-resistant recycled techno fibers. The collection’s silhouettes ranged from comfortable corset styles paired with flowing ruffle skirts to floor-length and pencil skirts, catering to diverse fashion preferences.



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The brand will always have an edgy street inspiration look and flair, as it was born in the streets of New York City. The brand was created and designed for traveling in mind, offering unique wrinkle-resistant apparel. However, this season, FUNARI will introduce a feminine, sexy, romantic, mysterious element of surprise to carry into spring and cross over to a new market. The brand is practical, smart, innovative and sexy for Men, Women, and even Pets!!! The brand proudly claims that it has ethical manufacturing and operates on a zero-waste production management system.

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