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Manisha Pratapsinh: Tapping into the Private Bus Industry

Manisha Pratapsinh: Tapping into the Private Bus Industry
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Silvia Garcia

Transportation has been a vital part of society for centuries because it gets people where they need to go, whether for business or leisure. Over time, private bus companies emerged to meet market demands and cater to more customers. 

Private bus companies operate independently from government-run public transportation systems, offering flexible and often more luxurious travel options. They typically cater to intercity routes, airport shuttles, or charter services for groups and events. Some renowned examples include Greyhound Lines in the US and FlixBus in Europe. 

However, some countries face a shortage of routes or services, defeating the purpose of having public transportation available in society. One example is the East African country Mozambique. 

Fortunately for its locals, one native named Manisha Pratapsinh has taken on the challenge and embraced its opportunities to ensure every Mozambican can access transportation services to make their lives easier and other parts of the country accessible. 

As a civil construction machinery specialist, Manisha is responsible for transporting materials and equipment from various locations. However, being the perceptive individual that she is, she quickly noticed how difficult it was due to a lack of service around the country. It sparked a discussion among her partners, and afterward, she decided to start her own private bus company in the country. 

“Not everyone has the means to have private transportation. It was a way to meet the needs of people in rural areas regarding their jobs. It wasn’t so difficult as I myself faced difficulties transporting construction materials to different places,” she divulged. 

Other than expanding her horizons and opening herself up to a new source of income, Manisha saw how a private bus company catering to the rural areas of Mozambique could help boost local development. 

Still, opening a bus company involves dealing with logistical aspects, regulations, and personnel management. But this didn’t faze Manisha one bit. 

“One of the strategies I have used to face these challenges is to study the market and identify areas with a higher demand for this type of service,” she said. 

Another approach she utilized to ensure her bus company’s sustainability and positive impact on the community is employing Mozambicans to fill out its various roles and positions. 

It was her way of giving back to the community, empowering others with an honest livelihood, and addressing Mozambique’s unemployment rate, which sits at 25 percent. She undoubtedly hit two birds with one stone after founding her bus company. 

Yet her efforts to provide quality service didn’t end there. Manisha moved from Mozambique to Europe, living in Portugal and France before settling in Madrid, Spain. During her time there, she met capable individuals who gave her new insights on improving her bus company to global standards, whether for comfort, accessibility, or embracing modern technology like cashless payments or installing free WiFi on board. 

Manisha’s thrust into Mozambique’s transport industry sets an example of how everyday people, regardless of their background, can make a difference when they understand what their community needs and wants to make their lives better. 

Manisha Pratapsinh exemplifies the power of individual initiative in addressing societal needs. By recognizing the transportation challenges facing rural Mozambique, she identified a chance to contribute meaningfully to her community’s development. Through her private bus company, Manisha has improved access to transportation and also created job opportunities for her fellow Mozambicans playing a role in alleviating the country’s unemployment rate. 

Her time in Europe exposed her to innovative ideas and modern technologies, which she implemented to elevate her bus company’s standards. 

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Pulished by: Khy Talara

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