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Host to the Stars & Entrepreneur, Josué “Tegucci” Vargas brings new talent to the forefront with outstanding Lunay performance

Josué “Tegucci” Vargas
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New York City, NY (March 20, 2022) –

Josué “Tegucci” Vargas, host to the stars and successful entrepreneur, brought a new wave of reggaeton talent to the stage at HK Hall in New York City on Friday, March 17. Music fans from all over the city gathered at HK Hall for a night of unforgettable performances by some of the hottest names in the business. The evening was set alight by Spaniard deejay Happy Square who mixed silky rhythms of reggaeton, merengue, dembow, and dancehall that got the crowd moving and grooving to the beat. The ever-charismatic Colombian deejay, DJ Pipe, hyped up the audience even more, leaving them in a frenzy of excitement with his mixing skills. Just when the energy levels on the dance floor couldn’t get any higher, the Latin Trap pioneer, DJ Flipstar and his protégé Calvin Priince stepped up to set the mood for the headliner of the night, the heartthrob star Lunay. 

As soon as the Puerto Rican singer took to the stage, the crowd went wild —cheering, singing along, and dancing uninhibitedly to his chart-topping hits. Lunay dazzled with his smooth vocals, electrifying performances, and infectious energy, cementing his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music industry. The entire evening was a celebration of music, dance, and good vibes, with attendees leaving the venue with memories that would last a lifetime and rushing to the sold-out after-party. HK Hall, Tegucci Entertainment, and the 1990 Hospitality Group team behind it should be applauded for putting on one of the most exciting performances in recent memory.  

Last Friday night was the final stop on the US tour of Lunay; it was an outstanding show, with a near-capacity crowd enjoying the energy and rhythm of the popular reggaeton artist with the crowd singing along euphorically the whole night to massive reggaeton hits like Soltera, Aventura, and Lunay’s recently released single Ronca. The reggaeton music event was produced by Tegucci Entertainment in partnership with the 1990 Hospitality Group. 

The performance was also a showcase of new talents who gave their all to entertain the audience. Since the opening performers are also from the New York City area, it was a huge opportunity for their professional growth, giving the audience a closer look at their passion and unique sound. “The energy of the crowd was amazing, and it was great to see so many new talents come up and shine on stage,” said Josué “Tegucci” Vargas. “I’m thrilled to be a part of this vibrant and exciting scene and to bring new talent to the forefront of the Latin music industry.” Vargas has a successful track record of bringing fresh and exciting talent to the limelight of the music scene in the East Coast. Host to the stars and entrepreneur Josué “Tegucci” Vargas continues to break barriers and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the music events business. 

Vargas, who is originally from Tenares, Dominican Republic and is known for being a successful celebrity promoter in New York City, has taken his talents to bigger and newer heights in the big apple. With his shrewd business acumen, Vargas, better known as “Tegucci,” has become a key player in the music industry in NYC. The last stop on the US tour of reggaeton sensation Lunay was no exception. 

Tegucci capitalized on Lunay’s immense popularity with an impressive sold-out after-party, and he put together a deal with Tao Group to have the after-party at Lavo Nightclub in New York City following the outstanding performance by the artist at HK Hall last Friday night. 

But the event wasn’t just about the big-name star. Local, new talents like Debby Veloz, Calvin Priince, and Amanda Maziell were also given the opportunity to perform, and they did so to great acclaim. 

The performance was a testament to Tegucci’s ability to bring new talents to the forefront while also delivering an unforgettable experience for music fans in NYC. “Tegucci is a true visionary and a master at his craft,” said Happy Square for the event. “He knows how to create an unforgettable experience for fans while also providing a platform for new talent to shine. We’re thrilled to have him as our host at 1990 Group and look forward to seeing other amazing events we bring together to the city.” 

For more information on Tegucci and his future music events, visit the official website of his new music events venture at DIME Live or follow him on social media @Tegucci.

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