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Embracing Web3: How Zach Hirsch Moved from Sports Analysis to Spearheading Mozverse

Embracing Web3: How Zach Hirsch Moved from Sports Analysis to Spearheading Mozverse
Photo Credited to: Zach Hirsch

Times change and style remains. In the modern world of design, one name has become synonymous with elegance, luxury, and unmatched craftsmanship – Zach Hirsch, the 21-year-old CMO of Mozverse. His remarkable journey from a sports analyst to a leading figure in the web3 space showcases his determination and visionary mindset. 

Zach Hirsch’s passion for creating immersive virtual worlds began in his childhood, fueled by a fascination with gaming and science fiction. The novel “Snowcrash” introduced him to the concepts of the “Metaverse” and “Avatar,” inspiring him to bring these concepts to life. It was a pivotal moment that set him on a path of innovation and creativity. 

While his early success came through sports analysis and his Instagram page @ipickwins, which boasts a staggering 2.2 million followers, Hirsch’s ambitions reached far beyond the realm of sports. His innate talent for understanding plays, formations, and tendencies propelled him to the forefront of the sports analytics industry. Participating in prestigious events like the Sloan MIT Sports Analytics Conference and completing the Harvard Entrepreneurial Excellence Program shaped his entrepreneurial approach and deepened his understanding of the sports industry. 

Co-hosting the “Kiss and The Myst” podcast alongside award-winning music artist Jadakiss has been transformative for Hirsch. The natural chemistry between them and their genuine camaraderie transcends the show, forming a deep bond that extends beyond the podcast’s confines. Their friendship reflects the power of collaboration and mutual respect. 

However, it was Hirsch’s encounter with the virtual reality world of VRChat and the movie “Ready Player One” that solidified his belief in the future of the metaverse. Witnessing the Travis Scott Fortnite concert in 2020 further reinforced his conviction that the metaverse was not a distant dream but an imminent reality. 

With this newfound understanding, Hirsch embarked on a mission to turn his vision into reality. Partnering with the brilliant technologist Danny Mozlin, Hirsch co-founded Mozverse, a web3 development platform. Their dedication and hard work paid off when Mozverse’s web3 infrastructure engine, Ultranode, outshone its competitors and Mozverse earned the prestigious Inc. Magazine award for Best Blockchain Product in 2022. 

Hirsch’s ability to multitask and accomplish tasks quickly, attributed to his eidetic memory and ADD, has been instrumental in balancing his roles as a student, sports analyst, podcast co-host, and co-founder of Mozverse. His determination and adaptability have propelled him forward in the face of challenges. 

Mozverse’s success is the result of an exceptional team led by Hirsch and Mozlin. They have assembled a group of talented individuals from around the world, guided by experienced professionals like CFO Ray Edwards and General Counsel Kelsey Monaghan. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in groundbreaking projects for clients such as IBM Japan, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Tech Pedal, and Solve Group, showcasing Mozverse’s versatility and ability to cater to diverse business needs. 

Looking ahead, Hirsch envisions Mozverse as a driving force in shaping the metaverse. They aim to democratize virtual worlds through their Verse platform, which embodies principles of interoperability and decentralization. Their focus on accessibility and cost-effectiveness sets them apart from traditional virtual land grabs, making the metaverse more inclusive and appealing to businesses of all sizes. 

As an influential figure in the web3 space, Hirsch advises fellow Gen Z entrepreneurs to follow their passion, build strong teams, and embrace the convergence of immersive gaming, live entertainment, and media. He believes this convergence will drive mass adoption of web3 technologies and revolutionize 

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