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Greta Gerwig Likes the Idea of a ‘Barbie’ and ‘White Noise’ Combo

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, who is also a filmmaker, have been working together on two projects for the past three years that appear to be completely different from one another: Barbie and White Noise

Gerwig and Adam Driver will perform as a married couple whose town is in danger due to an airborne hazardous event on Baumbach’s White Noise – out September 30th. 

Margot Robbie plays the title doll in Barbie, a film written by Baumbach and Gerwig and directed by Gerwig, which hits theaters July 21. Ryan Gosling as Ken.

Baumbach asserts that he feels a connection between the two movies despite the fact that their inspiration came from very different places.

“I wrote White Noise, and then, once I had that in a place where I thought, okay, I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting, Greta and I started work on Barbie,” Baumbach said. 

“So that was all sort of happening during that first year of the pandemic. They’re kind of connected in a funny. The execution is different, but there are aspects of the world of White Noise that actually informed some of how we looked at Barbie.”

“Everything got written in 2020. They very much feel like they came out of the same place in a way,” Gerwig said, adding context to Baumbach’s statement. 

“I mean, they physically came out of the same address. But I think it contributed, him working on that and us working on Barbie together.”

So, would a dual role in the two films be interesting?

“I’m not going to pitch that,” Gerwig stated with a chuckle. “I’m sure if someone wanted to, it might be interesting. I don’t know. It could be strange. I can feel how they’re connected, but I don’t know if anyone else will see it.”

Scheduling Issues

After all, Saoirse Ronan never visits the Barbie Dreamhouse.

The Oscar-nominated actress revealed that she was unable to take part in the upcoming Barbie movie due to scheduling conflicts. Greta Gerwig is the director of the movies Little Women and Lady Bird.

“I was supposed to do a cameo because I live in London, and they were [filming] there,” Ronan said in an interview with PEOPLE. “There was a whole character I was going to play — another Barbie. I was gutted I couldn’t do it.”

Ronan said she’s been in touch with Margot Robbie, who will portray the titular Mattel doll and Gerwig, but she still wants to make it work.

“I have texted Margot and Greta, and I’m like, ‘If you’re doing any pick-up [shots], maybe I can just walk through the background?'” Ronan stated.

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Who Plays Barbie and Ken

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, and music artist Dua Lipa had joined the ensemble.

Barbie and Ken will also be portrayed by America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, Issa Rae, and Michael Cera. At the same time, Will Ferrell will play the CEO of a toy manufacturer.

The movie, which opens in theaters on July 21, 2023, also stars Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emma Mackey, Ana Cruz Kayne, Rhea Perlman, Ritu Arya, Ariana Greenblatt, Sharon Rooney, Scott Evans, Jamie Demetriou, Emerald Fennell, and Connor Swindells.

“The aesthetic of the movie is just so vibrant and full of life,” Liu revealed to EW earlier. 

“Imagine showing up to that set every day with a bunch of friends, like, ‘Great, cue the music!’ We’re dancing, and then you come out of a 12-hour day, and you’re like, ‘Did I really go to work today? Or did I just hang out with my friends?'”

The Shang-Chi actor continued, “I can’t wait to see it all come together and for the world to see. Because I know there’s a lot of question marks! Everyone’s like, ‘What is this Barbie movie?’ When people say ‘Barbie movie,’ they feel like they know what it’s going to be like. 

“But with every casting announcement and the announcement of Greta Gerwig, I think we’ve been raising a lot of eyebrows. But without giving away anything about the script, I’ll just say that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever read.”

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Gerwig Peek

Finally, a few images from Gerwig’s long-awaited Barbie movie match his blonde ambitions. Arriving in a pink convertible, Margot Robbie still looks glamorous but not plastic.

The first peek image and Barbie’s release date, July 21, 2023, were both tweeted by Pictures.

Initial thoughts? However, not every Barbie is an ’80s businesswoman making a crucial call, so the hair isn’t really giving “Barbie” as much as, well, “Margot Robbie hanging out.”

Furthermore, it’s too early to start choosing fault, yet I’m really hoping this movie includes a ’80s business Barbie.

Gerwig, who was directing Barbie and penned the screenplay with collaborator Noah Baumbach, will probably decide that.

Now, Gerwig and Baumbach, the creators of magnificent intellectual fare like Lady Bird and The Squid and the Whale, may not be the names you immediately identify with the most well-known fashion doll in the world and her extensive collection of accessories.

So, what may be expected? Robbie might drop Lady Bird out of that speeding convertible in a hot pink minute.

Ryan Gosling, who plays Barbie’s recurrently unemployed boyfriend Ken, will join Robbie, who also serves as a producer on the movie.

Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Michael Cera, Simu Liu, Issa Rae, and Kate McKinnon are all featured in the ensemble cast.

Photo: Glamour Magazine